Parking at Bigge and Listersee lakes

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Here you can find your parking spaces directly at the Biggesee or Listersee

Parking spaces directly at the Biggesee

Waldenburger bay, 57439 Attendorn
At the Biggedamm, Biggeweg 7 a, 57439 Attendorn
Bathing area at Schnütgenhof, Listertalstraße, 57439 Attendorn (closed due to a major event from 16 - 19.06. and from 23 - 26.06.2022 )
Parking bays along the L 512

At the Sonderner Kopf
At the entrance of Olpe-Sondern
Vostaubecken Kessenhammer, on the L563
At the leisure pool Olpe, Seeweg 5, 57462 Olpe
At Olpe train station
Parking bays on the L 512

Further parking spaces are available in the city centers.

Parking bays directly at the Listersee

At the Listersperr wall

At the Kalberschnacke

In Hunswinkel, Listerstr. 32, Meinerzhagen-Hunswinkel
In Meinerzhagen-Windebruch, Seeuferstr. 12
Parking bays along the Listertalstraße

Further parking spaces are available in the city centers.

City centers

Attendorn, Drolshagen, Meinerzhagen, Olpe and the community of Wenden

Parking spaces are available in the city centers

Hiking parking lots in the nature experience area Biggesee-Listersee

Impressionen der umliegenden Landschaft
Hiking parking lot Kalberschnacke
The Kalberschnacke hikers' parking lot is located in the immediate vicinity of the shore of the Listersee.
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Hiking parking lot Graevenstein
Directly on the L 711 between the villages of Kruberg and Neuenkleusheim you will find the Olpe-Graevenstein hikers' parking lot.
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Hiking parking lot Brudertreue
The Brudertreue hikers' parking lot is located between Drolshagen and the district of Dirkingen on the Hüsterberg.
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Die Infotafel hält für den Wanderer vielfältige In
Fahlenscheid hikers' parking lot
From the parking lot for hikers, various circular hiking trails lead to the natural and cultural-historical features around the "Fahlenscheid" ridge.
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Rastplatz am Wanderparkplatz Heed
Hiking parking lot Heed
The hiking parking lot Meinerzhagen Heed opens up the forest and water rich landscape between Meinerzhagen and Genkeltalsperre.
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Hikers' parking lot Schallershaus
The Schallershaus hikers' parking lot is located near the Meinhardus Mattenschanzen in Meinerzhagen and is (along with Altena and Korbach) one of the three entry points to the Sauerland-Höhenflug.
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Wanderparkplatz Quellental
Hiking parking lot Quellental
The Meinerzhagen Quellental hikers' parking lot is located on the edge of the Hösinghausen district.
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