Meinerzhagen city walk

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Meinerzhagen city walk

On this short city walk through Meinerzhagen, you will discover the sights of Meinerzhagen and stroll leisurely through the city area.

Tour starting point:

Meinerzhagen Tourist Information Office

Tour destination point:

Meinerzhagen Tourist Information Office


  • suitable for baby carriages
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • family-friendly
  • cultural / historical




6.8 km


1:45 Std.

Elevation ascent

100 m

Elevation descent

100 m

Altitude (Minimum)

388 m

Altitude (Maximum)

488 m





Recommended seasons


From the center of Meinerzhagen, discover the Romanesque Jesus-Christus-Kirche church, enjoy wonderful views of the Meinhardus Mattenschanzen, stroll along the Volme spring, walk below the Fischbauchbrücke bridge before returning to the city center and the historic"Krim" ensemble of houses with the Krugmann grain distillery.

Touristinfo Meinerzhagen

Touristinfo Meinerzhagen

Liebe Gäste, die Erholungs- und Freizeitstadt Meinerzhagen, am Fuße des schönen Ebbegebirges gelegen, heißt Sie Herzlich Willkommen!

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Karl from Ebbe

Karl vom Ebbe in der Innenstadt von Meinerzhagen

A monument to the (typical) Sauerland people. Karl vom Ebbe in the center of Meinerzhagen symbolizes the typical Sauerland man from (unfortunately) long ago.

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Eingang in die Barockkirche

Beherrschend über die Stadt Meinerzhagen, auf einer Anhöhe gelegen, präsentiert sich die bedeutende romanische Kirche von Meinerzhagen.

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Gasthaus zur Rose

Titelbild Gastronomie Oben an der Volme

The cozy Gasthaus zur Rose spoils its guests with home-style and Portuguese cuisine.

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Pump track (bike park) Meinerzhagen

Bikepark Pumptrack Meinerzhagen Himecke

The bike park or pump track in Meinerzhagen is suitable for everyone, from children and beginners to advanced mountain bikers.

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Hinweisstein zur Aggerquelle

Located on the southern outskirts of Meinerzhagen, at 437 m above sea level, is the Aggerquelle, which is marked by a memorial bowl.

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Schallershaus hiking parking lot


The Schallershaus hiking parking lot is located near the Meinhardus Mattenschanzen in Meinerzhagen and is one of the three entry points to the Sauerland-Höhenflug (along with Altena and Korbach).

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Beliebtes Ausflugsziel und Rastpunkt: die Volmeque

The Volmequelle in Meinerzhagen invites walkers, hikers and visitors to linger.

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Fish belly bridge Meinerzhagen-Scherl

Blick auf die Fischbauchbrücke

The railroad bridge is located east of Meinerzhagen on the single-track DB branch line Meinerzhagen-Krummenerl.

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Heated outdoor pool Meinerzhagen

Freibad Meinerzhagen

Meinerzhagen's outdoor pool offers a mixture of fun, games and relaxation for the whole family.

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Minigolf at the Meinerzhagen outdoor pool

Die unterschiedlichen Bahnen sorgen für viel Spaß

The mini golf course is directly adjacent to Meinerzhagen's outdoor pool and can be used independently of a visit to the outdoor pool.

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Krugmann Markenspirituosen GmbH und Co.KG

Krim Meinerzhagen


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Cafè Kaffeeklatsch

Cafè Kaffeeklatsch - © Oben an der Volme

Cafè Kaffeeklatsch - cozy, homemade and always worth a gossip.

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The starting point is the tourist information office and nature park information center in the pedestrian zone. We cross the road at the traffic lights and turn left into the Volkspark after the "Diva" restaurant. We now walk along the path to the small bridge. We cross this and then reach the historic villa in the park. From there, we keep left and walk uphill to the exit of the Volkspark. Now we cross the road at a small pedestrian island and reach the other part of the pedestrian zone, where we keep left. After the "Bäcker mit Herz" café, we turn right up the street until we reach Kirchstraße (on the right) after the Volksbank. We walk up Kirchstraße for a few meters in the direction of Jesus-Christus-Kirche , which we can already see from below. At the top, we take a half circle around the church (and of course you can also look at it from the inside), turn right and leave the church grounds first onto Hochstraße and then left into the alley in front of the kindergarten. Here we take a small footpath (Himecker Weg) in the direction of the district court. Now turn right and then left again at the next opportunity and follow Hochstraße / later Kampstraße up the hill before crossing under a railroad viaduct and following the road a little further on before turning right again onto a footpath.Once at the top, we have a great view of the Meinhardus Mattenschanzen (short detour possible) and the "Schützenkreisel" before following the road a few meters to the left. Alternatively, after the Schützenkreisel, you can also take the path at the Schützenplatz, which runs parallel to the road. After the Schützenplatz, we cross Heerstraße at a pedestrian island and after a few meters turn into the Fritz-Paulmann-Weg, which takes us to the Volme spring after a few minutes on the right. It's worth taking a short break here. We soon reach the bypass again, follow it for a few meters and turn left again onto the small road"Am Stadion", which now leads us back towards the center below the Fischbauchbrücke bridge.Passing Meinerzhagen's outdoor pool (in summer you can plan a short refreshment stop here) and the municipal miniature golf course (you can also plan a stop here), the walk now takes us along Löher Weg to a small footpath on the right towards the historic"Krim" ensemble of houses, where the Krugmann grain distillery is located today. We now walk straight ahead for a few more meters before turning right into Prumbomweg just before the traditional Gassmann department store. We walk down this road, cross Otto-Fuchs-Platz(a great place to cool our feet in summer) and follow the sidewalk after the square to the left until we reach our starting point, the tourist information office and nature park information center.

Public transiot

With the RB 25 Coming from Cologne or Lüdenscheid, get off at Meinerzhagen station. From here it is just a few minutes' walk to Meinerzhagen town center (through the Volkspark), from where you can start your walk through the town.

Getting there

Arrival via the A45, Meinerzhagen exit, continue in the direction of Kierspe. Follow the bypass and turn left shortly before leaving the town again (before the LIDL). You will now reach the town hall, where there is free parking. From here it is only a few minutes' walk to Meinerzhagen town center, from where you can start your walk through the town.


Parking is available free of charge at the Meinerzhagen Stadthalle.