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A monument to the (typical) Sauerland people. Karl vom Ebbe in the center of Meinerzhagen symbolizes the typical Sauerland man from (unfortunately) long gone times. Like the Kiepenlisettken in the wider Oben-an-der-Volme region, he traveled through the countryside with his Kiepe to offer his products for sale.

Karl vom Ebbe in der Innenstadt von Meinerzhagen

Auf der Rückseite lässt sich die liebevolle Detail

Mitten in der Innenstadt steht die Statue


Karl from Ebbe


58540 Meinerzhagen



The monument of the (somewhat invented) character representation is symbolic of the Sauerland people. The Kiepe symbolizes the crafts (from the blacksmith to the farmer) as well as the storytellers and the walking stick stands for the numerous forests in the Sauerland.

The monument as a whole stands for the Sauerland community, which was characterized by constant togetherness.

Coordinates: 51.06239 N 7.38248 E

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