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The railroad bridge is located east of Meinerzhagen on the single-track DB branch line Meinerzhagen-Krummenerl. It was built between 1912 and 1914. The characteristic feature of the bridge is the steel truss, which consists of straight superstructures on two sections and a downward-pointing fish-bellied girder in between.

Blick auf die Fischbauchbrücke

Die Fischbauchbrücke in der Nähe der Volmequelle

Die Fischbauchbrücke am Stadtrand


Fish belly bridge Meinerzhagen-Scherl


58540 Meinerzhagen

Telefon: 02354777171



The steel truss is supplemented by a solid arch bridge to the west, consisting of two arches with a concrete core and quarry stone cladding. There are only a small number of bridges with such supporting structures in the Federal Republic of Germany. The bridge is therefore protected as a technical monument.

During a walk to the nearby Volmequelle, you can marvel at the magnificent views of this bridge structure!

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