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The bike park or pump track in Meinerzhagen is suitable for everyone, from children and beginners to advanced mountain bikers. The Meinerzhagen pump track is a small circuit through which you ride without pedaling and only roll by shifting your weight and pushing.

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Pump track (bike park) Meinerzhagen


58540 Meinerzhagen




Currently closed!

The pump track, a special mountain bike track for beginners and pros, is located in the center of Meinerzhagen. The aim is to build up speed without pedaling and only by pushing and shifting your weight correctly. The circuit consists of waves and steep bends and can be used safely by children, teenagers and adults.

There is also a small dirt line with a start and two jumps where you can get your first airtime.

The bike park offers a variety of challenges for a wide range of target groups. Biking fun for young and old is guaranteed here.

Helmets are compulsory throughout the park and use is at your own risk. The park is freely accessible and may only be used in dry weather, otherwise the track will be damaged.

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