Lister round

An approx. 31km tour around the idyllic Listersee. The route is suitable for all types of bikes.




Tour starting point:

Drolshagen (Am Mühlenteich)

Tour destination point:

Drolshagen (Am Mühlenteich)


  • Stage tour
  • Round trip
  • cultural / historical




32.3 km


2:22 Std.

Elevation ascent

290 m

Elevation descent

290 m

Altitude (Minimum)

308 m

Altitude (Maximum)

452 m





Recommended seasons


The start of the GPX track is in Drolshagen (parking lot "Am Mühlenteich"). However, you can of course start this circular tour at any point. In Hützemert you will find the Altern train station and not far from it the Wegeringhausen Tunnel, the longest cycle tunnel in NRW. Take a detour, but remember: the return to the Lister loop is in the opposite direction.

The Schlüsen nature trail is located behind Germinghausen and Junkernhöh. "Schlüsen" is the name given in Drolshagen to the old hollow paths that run through the woods here. A nature trail has been created below the village of Junkernhöh to give you a feel for the old days. You can find out how life was on and with the old paths and what happened when the flow of traffic changed with new roads. You reach the Listerrandweg via Heimicke, Schreibershof, Herpel and Kalberschnacke. You return to Drolshagen via Hitzendumicke, Dumicke, Bühren, Fahrenschotten, Frenkhauserhöh, Öhringhausen, Wenkhausen and Siebringhausen.

Old Drolshagen Monastery

Altes Kloster mit St. Clemens

In 1235, Count Heinrich III von Sayn and his wife Mechtildis von Landsberg donated the necessary land to the Cistercian nuns to found a monastery in Drolshagen.

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St. Clemens parish church

St. Clemens Kirche

The oldest form of the parish church of St. Clemens dates back to the time of Bishop Anno of Cologne (1050-1075).

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Drolshagen marketplace

Brunnen Marktplatz

The market square was created after the fire of 1838 in the structure of the new streets laid out at right angles.

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Old Hützemert train station

Bahnhof aussen 1

The old Hützemert train station is an ideal stop on your journey between the Rhineland and Westfalen.

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Wegeringhauser Tunnel (Radtunnel)

Wegeringhauser Tunnel

Im Jahre 1903 wurde mit der Strecke Bergneustadt-Olpe der letzte Abschnitt einer Bahnverbindung aus dem südlichen Westfalen nach Köln ins Rheinland eröffnet.

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Schlüsen-Lehrpfad Junkernhöh


"Schlüsen" - eine mundartliche Bezeichnung für Hohlwege - sind die Zeugen alter Handelswege.

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KuLTour am Listersee - LandArt Rundwanderweg

Grüne Planeten

Von 2007 bis heute wurden entlang eines ca. 7 km langen Rundweges am Listersee bei Gut Kalberschnacke Kunstobjekte realisiert.

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Heimathaus Drolshagen

Heimathaus aussen

In 1993, the "Heimatverein für das Drolshagen Land" acquired the "Gasthof Bone" and completely restored the building over the following years.

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Drolshagen - Heimike - Schreibershof - Herpel - Kalberschnacke - Hitzendumicke - Dumicke - Bühren - Fahrenschotten - Frenkhauserhöh - Öhringhause - Wenkhausen - SiebringhausenSince 2015, the entire Sauerland region has been signposted with the junction system:

Safty guidelines

A rescue point system has been installed throughout the region (Soest district, Hochsauerlandkreis, Märkischer Kreis, Olpe district and Siegen-Wittgenstein district). Rescue points can be found on the information boards at junctions and hiking signs.

Public transiot

The following bus lines serve Drolshagen: R 52: via Olpe - Drolshagen-Bleche-Meinerzhagen, L 560 and L 561: Olpe - Drolshagen, OVAG line 301: via Gummersbach - Drolshagen- Olpe

Getting there

Drolshagen is located directly on the A 45 freeway (Sauerland route from Dortmund to Aschaffenburg) and has its own exit, which leads to Drolshagen from the north via Wegeringhausen and Hützemert. An even shorter route is via the Olpe exit in the south, which leads to the town center via the B 54 and B 55 federal highways that run together here.


There are plenty of parking facilities in and around Droslhagen.