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The Alte Bahnhof Hützemert is an ideal stop on your way between the Rhineland and Westfalen. During opening hours, you can enjoy coffee, cake and other drinks there. You can also find out about events at the Alter Bahnhof Hützemert.

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Old Hützemert train station

Vorm Bahnhof 1

57489 Drolshagen

Telefon: 02763/212858




After the station in Hützemert on the Siegburg-Olpe railroad line was completed around 1903, Hützemert very quickly developed into the largest village in Drolshagen. Passenger services ran here until 1979. The Olpe-Dieringhausen line was finally closed in 1997.

This listed station is the only one of the three former railroad stations in Drolshagen whose station building is still standing. In 2013, the Hützemert village association began to renovate the building from top to bottom. As part of the "Bergischer Panoramaradweg" and the "Agger-Bigge-Runde", the dilapidated station was turned into an attractive snack stop. A goods wagon was integrated into the building and is now the stage for the event hall, where concerts and many other activities take place. The old steam locomotive "Emma" (built in 1914) is the attraction in the outdoor area.

Text: Hützemert village association

Opening hours:
In summer,
Saturdays from 2 to 6 pm
Sundays and public holidays*
from 1 to 6 pm.
In winter only on Sundays
and by appointment
Phone Jausenstation 0 27 63 / 91 53 0
*Subject to change!