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In 1993, the "Heimatverein für das Drolshagener Land" acquired the "Gasthof Bone" and completely restored the building over the following years. In October 1995, thanks to the North Rhine-Westphalia Foundation, state and municipal grants, generous donations from Drolshagen companies and a great deal of personal effort, the house was inaugurated as a "Heimathaus". The basement houses the well room and vaulted cellar, which offer a unique atmosphere with their fieldstone masonry.

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Heimathaus Drolshagen

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On the first floor, the former pub from the 1950s has been renovated. In addition, a cozy room with an old stove, coffered ceiling and wall paneling has been added. On the same level is the "Buchstube Heinrich Bone", a Catholic public library. The upper floor houses the janitor's apartment, library and photo archive, as well as books, documents and pictures on regional history. The top floor was converted into a modern lecture hall in 2001/02. The Heimathaus is located in the heart of Drolshagen.

When a total fire destroyed everything within the former town wall in May 1838, the subsequent reconstruction no longer followed the previous medieval network of alleyways, but chose a rectangular layout for the new streets. The married couple Matthäus and Elisabeth Bone built their new house in Annostrasse. It served as the "Gasthof Bone" from 1839 to 1993. Farming was carried out until 1968.

It is the childhood home of the educationalist Heinrich Bone (+ 1893), who became known as an innovator of Catholic hymns in the 19th century, as a schoolbook author ("Deutsches Lesebuch") and as a cultural politician. The "Buchstube Heinrich Bone" preserves the memory of him with its name.

Today, the Heimathaus is a cultural and event center with a variety of functions. It provides the local history association with exhibitions and a rich educational program. The town of Drolshagen, parliamentary groups, clubs and committees use it for conferences and meetings. Family celebrations take place throughout the year and, with a variable range of rooms, provide a valued setting for private parties.

Text: Drolshagen local history association