Sauerland Siebengebirge (SR3)

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Sauerland Siebengebirge (SR3)
Charming tour on beautiful cycle paths through fields and meadows of the 'Sauerland Siebengebirge' hiking area with a short detour along the Sorpesee.

Stockumer Siebengebirge


Der Sorpedamm



Kapelle in Recklinghausen

Stockumer Halt

Schiff auf Sorpesee


Tour starting point:

Schützenhalle in Stockum

Tour destination point:

Schützenhalle in Stockum


  • promising
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • cultural / historical




32.4 km


2:41 Std.

Elevation ascent

221 m

Elevation descent

222 m

Altitude (Minimum)

225 m

Altitude (Maximum)

369 m





Recommended seasons


This tour takes you along fields, meadows and streams, mostly on cycle paths or farm tracks through the villages of Sunderan. Along the way, you will pass the 'Stockum Halt' memorial stone and the Bönkhauser Bachtal. In the center of the village of Endorf stands the 'Strackenhof', the oldest stone house in the Kurköln Sauerland. Almost in ruins, it has been lovingly renovated in recent years and now houses a branch of the registry office in Sundern (viewing possible).

In Sundern, near the Severin company, you can stop off at the "HOF-Cafe".

Further highlights of the tour are the Sorp dam with its cascading overflow of the Sorpesee, the equalizing pond below and the power station. In Langscheid, there are numerous opportunities to rest and relax on the beautiful Sorpe promenade or in the restaurants.

Sorpe promenade Langscheid

Blühende Promenade

Experience point in Sundern!

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Talsperrenbesichtigung Sorpesee


Wir in Sundern!

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Museum of local history Alte Schmitte

Alte Schmitte

Museum in Sundern!

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Hof Stracke in Endorf

Der Strackenhof in Endorf

Building in Sundern!

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Schloss Haus Amecke

Schloss Haus Amecke

Schloss in Sundern!

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Amecke Promenade with Airlebnisweg

Der Sorpediamant

Promenade in Amecke with "Airlebnisweg". An exciting trail for young and old!

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This tour starts at the Schützenhalle in Stockum. From here you cycle up the "Bachstraße" and pass the Stockum estate (Cora's Cafe). Cycle up the hill along fields and meadows until you reach a fork in the road between two farms, where you turn right. After approx. 800 m, the path bends left and takes you to the "Stockum Halt" memorial stone. Stay on this path as it leads you down into the Bönkhauser Bachtal valley.From here, you can either turn left and take a shortcut to Recklinghausen or turn right towards Bönkhausen. We turn right and follow the stream to Bönkhausen. From Bönkhausen, follow the L842 country road left to Endorf. Almost at the end of the village, you will find the 'Silbachstraße' bus stop on the left-hand side of the road. Turn left here and follow 'Silbachstraße' until you reach a small industrial area. Turn left again before the bridge and follow the cycle path that takes you to Recklinghausen.Turn left again towards Sundern and follow "Recklinghauser Straße" until you reach the Severin company. At the traffic circle there, take the 2nd exit and follow the road (Röhre). If you would like to stop at the "HOF-Cafe" (located on the left-hand side), take the 3rd exit at the roundabout. Exit at the traffic circle. Turn right before the traffic lights (Ewiger Weg) and after approx. 350 m turn left again into "Selschede Weg" until the fork. Here you follow the "Hauptstraße" to the left, which leads you to the city center. Follow the pedestrian zone to the end and reach a bridge over the river "Röhr". Here your cycle path continues to the left just before the bridge. Follow the so-called 'Rentnerweg' until you reach a small industrial area. Continue straight ahead here and follow a gravel path into the forest. At the first fork in the road, cycle up the path on the left and take the first exit on the right. After 2.3 km along the Röhr and the "Dümpel" industrial estate, you will reach "Gut Selmke" in Stemel on an asphalt road. Here, take the road on the left up to the next fork in the road and turn right.Almost at the Sorp dam, cross the cascading overflow of the Sorpesee over a small bridge. The equalizing pond and the power station are located below. Halfway up, the trail crosses the dam, enters the forest and ends at "Sorpestraße". Turn left up this road to the parking lot at Sorpedamm. Turn left here and cycle across the parking lot until you reach the top of the Sorpepromenade. Before the lake stage, cycle left over the Sorpedamm and follow the cycle path along the Sorpetalsperre to Amecke. Once you arrive at the landing stage in Amecke, continue straight ahead (Seestraße) along the reservoir to the center of the village of Amecke.When you reach the main crossroads, turn left towards Stockum and follow this road to the end of the village. Opposite the castle and golf course, turn left again towards Sundern. After approx. 1.2 km, having just left the village behind you and reached the heights, turn right (Illingheimer Str.) and cycle through the fields to Seidfeld. When you reach the main road (L686) in Seidfeld, cross it (take care!) and follow the cycle path to Stockum on the right. Behind the agricultural machinery dealership, turn left into "Rothländerweg" and reach the main road. Now turn left 50 m further along "Stockumer Straße" and then immediately left again. You will reach your starting point via the street "Am Hafen". Many restaurants in Stockum invite you to stop for a bite to eat.Since 2015, the entire Sauerland region has been signposted with the junction

Safty guidelines

A rescue point system has been installed throughout the region (Soest district, Hochsauerlandkreis, Märkischer Kreis, Olpe district and Siegen-Wittgenstein district). Rescue points can be found on the information boards at the junctions of the Südwestfalen cycle network.

Public transiot

You can reach the starting point of the tour by public transport via the train station in Arnsberg and a bus connection to Sundern.

Getting there

At the starting point you will find a parking lot that is suitable as a starting point for your bike tour.


Parking lot at the Schützenhalle in Stockum