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Experience point in Sundern!

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Promenade Langscheid

Promenade Langscheid


Sorpe promenade Langscheid

Am Sorpedamm

59846 Sundern

Telefon: 02935/9599015



Stroll, feast, relax... just like on vacation - it's only this beautiful at Sorpesee. Not only our guests, but also the locals love the promenade at Sorpesee, which was completely redesigned in 2009.

Listening to concerts and watching theater performances on warm summer evenings, eating an ice cream, skating, cycling, playing beach volleyball, going for a walk with the children or refreshing yourself at the many water games on the promenade or with a dip in the cool water - everything is possible at Sorpesee.

You can relax and unwind on the many sun loungers along the promenade, on a boat trip, in the sauna area in the Haus des Gastes and in one of the many accommodation establishments along the Sorpesee. The restaurateurs along the promenade in Langscheid invite you to linger for a cool drink or a delicious meal on one of the many terraces overlooking the lake.

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