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Promenade in Amecke with "Airlebnisweg". An exciting trail for young and old!

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Amecke Promenade with Airlebnisweg


59846 Sundern



The newly designed promenade with "Airlebnisweg" in Amecke, on the forebay of the Sorpesee, is a real asset for the town, its residents and its guests. The beautiful lakeside promenade is around one kilometer long. In addition to the visually appealing local recreation facility, the health trail "Airlebnisweg" with many exciting stations to linger and discover is the absolute highlight. Under the motto "Amecke's Water and Breathing Active Airlebnisweg", the themes of "water" and "healthy breathing" are linked together and invite Sundern's citizens and guests to actively participate.

The 3.4 km long circular trail "Airlebnisweg Amecke" is barrier-free and includes more than 15 individual stations on the overarching theme of water and breathing as core components of life. This theme is conveyed at each station of the trail in a varied, experience-oriented way and with the integration of natural conditions.

Why not visit the water experience area and the water fountain, try out the barefoot path or let yourself be seduced in the historic aroma and fragrance garden...

Directly opposite the promenade is the landing stage of the "MS Sorpesee", which will take you comfortably to the other shore of the Sorpesee and back again. Departure times between Good Friday and the end of October in Corona times: Please check for any deviations due to the coronavirus before setting off on a boat trip at

Find out what there is to discover here. Bet it's not just the little ones who will have fun!

  • The barefoot elements of wood, artificial material and natural stone: live on your own two feet! Try it out with your eyes closed and experience the different surfaces from everyday life under different conditions.
  • The balance beam: find your balance! You don't need to stand on wobbly legs... With a little practice, you'll find your footing again.
  • The foot reflex zones: The feet are the mirror image of the body! Applying pressure to the right spot can work wonders and get your body's energy flowing again.
  • The health trail: keep fit! Regular exercise promotes health, keeps the body fit and increases well-being. Whether big or small, here you have the opportunity to actively engage with the play equipment.
  • The historic aroma and fragrance garden: a feast for the senses! Here you can discover various aromas and fragrances relating to the theme of "healthy eating" and "healing with plants".
  • The listening tube: Listen to the sound of nature! Listen carefully... Maybe you can find out what sound is hidden behind the tube and where it comes from.
  • The lagoon: You are welcome to enter! The low water at this point in the lake is perfect for our little visitors to splash around in and for refreshment on warm summer days.
  • The mud area: Packed your mud pants? Then nothing stands in the way of dirty fun.
  • The sensory labyrinth: Experience nature with your senses! In the labyrinth you meet yourself... Find your way to the end and you might see yourself in a completely different light.
  • The Sorpeaal: conquer the heights! Balance over the eel to the water or use the arm plunge pool to discover one of the five pillars of Kneipp therapy for yourself.
  • The play ship: Ahoy, the anchor is being weighed! Come aboard for a little stopover and let off steam.
  • Tautretweg and foot washing area: walking barefoot boosts your well-being! Kick off your shoes and do what our ancestors have always done: Walk barefoot!
  • The water adventure area: Move the water with your own strength! Have a fun water fight with the water cannons or dam up the water in the "Hespe" and the "Sorpe".
  • The water fountain: enjoy the view! From this spot you can observe the interplay of water and light and be fascinated by it.
  • The water lounger: the path to relaxation! Feel weightless for once? Enjoy a few quiet minutes here directly above the surface of the water.
  • The water stairs: Built close to the water! From here you can get directly to the water and refresh yourself.
  • The water treading area in the lake: "Kneipp" will get your circulation going! Take turns dipping your legs in the water and feel how the "stork walk" changes your well-being.
  • The Bernoulli energy equation: Daniel Bernoulli's knowledge and experiments on water pressure and flow velocity have been used in the construction of water features and fountains since the 18th century. The difference in height between the wetland biotope on the other side of the road and the spring in front of you means that the water gushes out without any technical assistance.

Creation of the "Airlebnsiweg": As part of the REGIONALE 2013 project "Sauerland-Seen", a near-natural and interactive adventure trail was built around the forebay of the Sorpesee lake in Amecke in 2014/15.