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Hof Stracke in Endorf

Endorfer Str. 22

59846 Sundern

Telefon: 0170/ 1851625




The "Hof Stracke" initiative was launched by a number of committed Endorf residents when the charming medieval farmhouse, which was unfortunately in a state of severe disrepair, was approved for demolition. The so-called "eyesore" of the otherwise idyllic village of Endorf in Hochsauerland was to be razed to the ground. This fact triggered many a discussion among the residents. While some welcomed the demolition, for others it caused a mixture of despair and horror. After all, research revealed:

The building, which is steeped in history, is the oldest stone house in the entire Kurköln region!

A valuable relic of the past stands in the center of Endorf. It was built over 375 years ago during the Thirty Years' War. A treasure that tells stories from another time and that no other place in the Sauerland has to offer.

In recent years, the Hof Stracke has been extensively restored by many volunteers according to old traditions. After the restoration, the farm will serve as a meeting place for the generations. It will serve as a public venue for cultural events such as lectures, readings, music events, exhibitions, general meetings, courses, conferences and seminars. Civil weddings can also take place in the courtyard in a separate wedding room.

Equipment: projector, screen, loudspeakers, lectern, conference capacity for 60-80 people.


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