Meinerzhagen: We learned it from the water (circular route along the Sauerland-Höhenflug)

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Meinerzhagen: We learned it from the water (circular route along the Sauerland-Höhenflug)

We learned it from water - the name says it all on this circular hiking trail. You will come into contact with the fascinating element of water everywhere you go.

Wiesenpfad unterhalb der Meinhardus-Mattenschanzen

Startpunkt: Wanderparkplatz Schallershaus

Rundweg und Berg. Panoramasteig treffen sich

Leuchtendgrüne Buchenwälder


Aussicht auf die Meinhardus Mattenschanzen

WaldAktivPfad am Wanderbaren M

Auslaufbahn der Meinhardus-Mattenschanzen

Pfad zur Aggerquelle

Ausblick vom Wanderparkplatz Schallershaus auf die Meinhardus-Mattenschanzen

Tour starting point:

Meinerzhagen, Schallershaus

Tour destination point:

Meinerzhagen, Schallershaus


  • promising
  • Fauna
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • cultural / historical

Additional Information

Service and booking hotline Sauerland-Höhenflug: 02974 - 202 199




12 km


3:20 Std.

Elevation ascent

261 m

Elevation descent

261 m

Altitude (Minimum)

321 m

Altitude (Maximum)

461 m





Recommended seasons


Right at the entrance to the 250 km long, award-winning Sauerland-Höhenflug long-distance hiking trail, you can enjoy the first beautiful view of the Meinhardus Mattenschanzen. Hidden deep in the forest is the Wasserschloß Badinghagen, an old knight's seat with a documented history stretching back over a thousand years. Today it is used as a private residence and can only be viewed from the outside.

The circular tour leads along the Agger and the Grotmicke, a near-natural and meandering river with floodplains in sections, which flows into the Genkeltalsperre. The Genkeltalsperre, in turn, as a pure drinking water reservoir, is fed by numerous small tributaries and thus supplies most of the households in the area. A signposted nature trail has been laid out along its banks.

You can hike another special feature on the route: the Aggerquelle, which rises below the Meinhardus Mattenschanzen in the middle of a Weide.

Schallershaus hiking parking lot


The Schallershaus hiking parking lot is located near the Meinhardus Mattenschanzen in Meinerzhagen and is one of the three entry points to the Sauerland-Höhenflug (along with Altena and Korbach).

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The shepherd of Badinghagen (world of legends)

Der Sagenort mit der sagenhaften Holzfigur

On the way towards Badinghagen, there is a unique audio experience to discover at this bench.

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Beliebtes Ausflugsziel und Rastpunkt: die Volmeque

The Volmequelle in Meinerzhagen invites walkers, hikers and visitors to linger.

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Butmicke playground

Spielplatz Butmicke

The Butmicke playground is surrounded by greenery and is easily accessible via a paved road with a baby carriage, scooter, bike or handcart.

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Butmicke barbecue area

Der schön gelegene Grillplatz

The Butmicke barbecue area, located near the Meinhardus ski jumps, has a beautiful location.

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Wasserschloß Badinghagen

Den einen oder anderen Blick kann man auf das Schl

The Wasserschloß Badinghagen is picturesquely situated in the middle of forests to the south of Meinerzhagen.

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The witches' oak (world of legends)

Kaum zu übersehen - Die sagenumwobene Hexeneiche

Numerous legends, myths and (witch) stories can be heard about this place.

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Blick vom Ufer über die Genkeltalsperre

Die Genkeltalsperre ist eine "Grenztalsperre" und liegt z.

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Forest activity trail

Der Aussichtspunkt mit Waldsofa und traumhaften Au

The varied and 5-kilometer-long forest activity trail runs around the Heedberg (365 m above sea level) in the south of Meinerzhagen.

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Scheuerpfahl Tauben

Der Scheuerpfahl Tauben

Scheuerpfahl (Skulptur) - Tauben, die sich in den Himmel schrauben

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Heed hiking parking lot

Rastplatz am Wanderparkplatz Heed

The Meinerzhagen Heed hiking parking lot provides access to the wooded and water-rich landscape between Meinerzhagen and the Genkeltalsperre dam.

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Hinweisstein zur Aggerquelle

Located on the southern outskirts of Meinerzhagen, at 437 m above sea level, is the Aggerquelle, which is marked by a memorial bowl.

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The hike starts at the entrance to the Sauerland-Höhenflug in Meinerzhagen, at the Schallershaus parking lot (Heerstraße). From here, the circular route initially follows the Sauerland-Höhenflug to the Wasserschloß Badinghagen. With its moats and ponds, it offers a romantic view. At the Wasserschloß, the circular trail leaves the Sauerland-Höhenflug and runs along several small reservoirs. The hiking trail now reaches the L323. The trail follows the road on the right for around 200 m before turning left again into the forest. It then winds its way uphill through varied forests. Shortly before the highest point, there is a wonderful panoramic view back into the Agger valley. If visibility is good, you can also see the Meinhardusschanzen. You reach the Genkeltalsperre dam via a natural path through beautiful Buchenwald forests. The hiking trail takes you along the riverside path for a while. Enjoy the wonderful views of the glistening waters! Shortly after the reservoir, the trail reaches the road. Follow it for a short distance and after about 200 m turn off onto a forest path again. You walk through meadows and Weide through the Grotmicke valley, part of which is a nature reserve. The hiking trail crosses the stream on narrow paths and continues uphill through forests to the small village of Heed. Above Heed, the hiking trail follows the narrow road to the bus stop, then left to the L323. The route now heads back into the forest and slightly uphill to the Meinhardusschanzen, before descending via a meadow path to the Aggerquelle. Passing the Mattenschanzen outruns, the trail now heads back uphill along a path to the starting point of the hike, the Schallershaus hiking parking lot. The trail can generally be hiked in both directions.

Public transiot

For guests from Cologne, the RB 25 runs every hour from Cologne to Meinerzhagen (the access route from the station to the Sauerland-Höhenflug entry portal is marked with a white H on a black background).

Getting there

Meinerzhagen: The town of Meinerzhagen is located in the immediate vicinity of the A 45, has its own highway exit and can be reached from the Ruhrgebiet and the Cologne/Aachen metropolitan area in an hour's drive.


In Meinerzhagen at the Schallershaus hiking parking lot directly at the entrance to the Sauerland-Höhenflug. GoogleMaps-Koordinate: 51.099453,7.65324.