Butmicke barbecue area

Barbecue area

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The Butmicke barbecue area, located close to the Meinhardus ski jumps, boasts a beautiful location. In the immediate vicinity of the town center and easily accessible, visitors will find a well-kept barbecue area with enough space for all purposes.

Der schön gelegene Grillplatz

Die Feuerstelle mit zahlreichen Sitzmöglichkeiten

Eine Infotafel am Eingang zum Grillplatz zeigt Fre

Der benachbarte Spielplatz


Butmicke barbecue area


58540 Meinerzhagen

Telefon: 02354/77132




ATTENTION: the barbecue area may only be used after prior registration (see below)!

The Butmicke barbecue area, which also has a small playground in the immediate vicinity with a slide, swing, seesaw and other play facilities, invites you to barbecue and enjoy a cozy get-together.

In addition to a small shelter, there is also a toilet block for visitors.

The barbecue area can be booked by contacting the Meinerzhagen Tourist Information Office on 02354/77132 or by emailing touristinfo@meinerzhagen.de. Access / use of the facility only after prior reservation!

Text source: City of Meinerzhagen

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