The shepherd of Badinghagen (world of legends)

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On the way towards Badinghagen, there is a unique audio experience to discover at this bench.

Der Sagenort mit der sagenhaften Holzfigur

An der Bank befindet sich die Plakette mit dem Hör

Der Schäfer neben der Sagenbank

Nahaufnahme Schäfer von Badinghagen


The shepherd of Badinghagen (world of legends)

Heerstraße / Einstieg Sauerland Höhenflug

58540 Meinerzhagen

Telefon: 02354/77138



Not far from the entrance portal to the Sauerland-Höhenflug, on a bench with a great view, you will find the radio play station for the shepherd of Badinghagen from the magical world of legends at the top of the Volme.

Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone and the legendary radio play fun begins.

Next to the legend bench is a massive wooden figure: the shepherd of Badinghagen, who is also happy to take a photo with you.

Following the route of the Sauerland Höhenflug or the Sauerland Höhenflug circular trail, you will finally reach the scene of this legend after about 20 minutes.

Coordinates: 51.099336, 7.653717

Experience tip: Hiking circular trail on the Sauerland Höhenflug: We learned from water - Length: 12km - Duration: approx. 3 ½ hours - Starting point: Schallershaus hiking parking lot - 58540 Meinerzhagen

Legendary stories tell of love, grief, strokes of fate, of "evil" and "good" in all their forms, of small, hard-working helpers or of tragic misfortunes, cursed beings and also of death. We have divided our tales from the magical world of legends into three categories so that you can better categorize the legendary stories. This way you can decide for yourself which legends you want to listen to or read and with whom:

Legend category 1: These stories are rather harmless, yet of course legendary and full of surprises.

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