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Up to the "piece" with a view of the lake
Difficulty: Difficult | Distance: 10.1km | Duration: 3:0h | Ascent: 180m | Descent: 180m
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Fontaine im Vorbecken
Exciting hike from the "Airlebnisweg" to the "Krausen Eiche"
Difficulty: Easy | Distance: 6.8km | Duration: 2:0h | Ascent: 85m | Descent: 86m
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Circular trail on the Sauerland-Waldroute in Sundern-Amecke
Difficulty: Medium | Distance: 9.8km | Duration: 3:30h | Ascent: 224m | Descent: 222m
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Airlebnisweg Amecke
Difficulty: Easy | Distance: 3.6km | Duration: 1:0h | Ascent: 21m | Descent: 21m
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Rast am Airlebnis-Weg in Sundern-Amecke
On the Sauerland-Waldroute in Sundern
Difficulty: Medium | Distance: 21.3km | Duration: 6:0h | Ascent: 346m | Descent: 341m
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Blick auf den Sorpesee
Amecke circular hiking trail
Difficulty: Easy | Distance: 9.2km | Duration: 2:30h | Ascent: 110m | Descent: 115m
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Kirche und Schützenhalle_Magnus Bende
Around the Eichenberg in Amecke
Difficulty: Medium | Distance: 6km | Duration: 1:36h | Ascent: 117m | Descent: 117m
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Schloss Haus Amecke
Around the Mühlenfeld between Amecke and Allendorf
Difficulty: Easy | Distance: 5.5km | Duration: 1:25h | Ascent: 77m | Descent: 77m
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