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Open from April/May (depending on the weather) to September (please check the homepage for the current seasonal opening times).

We look forward to being on site for you on the Biggen with our SUP station, directly in Olpe at the boathouse, Seeweg 7.

Stand up paddling


Stand Up Paddling Olpe

Breite Straße 11,

57076 Olpe

Telefon: 02 71 / 4 18 42



The SUP technique basics

We stand on the board with our feet hip-width apart and parallel at the height of the carrying strap or the recessed grip. Your knees are slightly bent. This way you can easily compensate for small waves. Try to relax. The feeling of standing on raw eggs will pass after about 10 minutes.

The push arm (upper arm on the handle, opposite side of the paddle) guides the entire paddling movement and is ideally positioned vertically above the paddle blade.

The pull arm (paddle side) grips the handlebar approximately shoulder width below the handle. It is the pivotal point of the paddling movement and remains almost extended throughout.

The resulting triangle of forces between the pull arm, push arm and upper body leads to a stable body posture on the one hand and promotes an effective paddle stroke on the other. A triangle of forces is also created by the upper body, water surface and paddle, which gives you a lot of stability when paddling.