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Olpe's market square was completely redesigned in 1795 after the second great city fire and redesigned in the course of a competition in the 1990s according to the design of the Heiermann architectural office from Cologne.

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Market square with the Pannenklöpper monument

Am Markt

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The blacksmith's guild in Olpe, to which the kettle and pan smiths ("Olper Panneklöpper or Olper Pannenklöpper") belonged, was established in 1567. This was followed in 1669 by the establishment of the broad blacksmith's office of the courts of Olpe, Drolshagen and Wenden

For several centuries, the blacksmith's trade, especially the production of pans, brought the region and the merchants of Sauerland prestige and prosperity and earned Olpe the nickname "Pannenklöpper". Since the 19th century, more modern trades have replaced the ancient craft.

To symbolize the former importance of the blacksmiths for the region, the town of Olpe had the Pannenklöpper monument erected on the market square in 1982. The monument was designed by Düsseldorf artist Karl-Heinz Klein. Three bronze plates underline the importance of the blacksmith's office at the time.

Robert Heer was the "last Olpe Pannenklöpper". He revived the old craft in the 1980s and 90s, but made copper pans instead of iron ones. In 2008, the trained coppersmith passed away at the age of almost 81. His death marked the end of an important tradition in the district town.

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