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Canstein in the south-east of the town is dominated by Canstein Castle, which sits on a rock above the village.

Blick auf Canstein

Blick auf Schloss Canstein

Dicker Stein

St. Laurentiuskirche Canstein

Schlossteich Canstein

Denkmal Canstein

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Canstein - district of Marsberg

Bäckerstraße 8

34431 Marsberg

Telefon: 02992-8200



The municipality originated from an old farmstead below the hill of the same name, which had a castle. The mention of Reische vom Cansteyn in 1080 allows the first conclusions to be drawn about the village. In 1342, the Archbishop of Cologne granted Canstein Castle as a fief to the Rabe von Pappenheim family. This branch, which later called itself von Canstein, succeeded in establishing an almost independent lordship with a patrimonial court. The municipality of Canstein incorporated the heraldic animal of this dynasty, the raven, into its coat of arms.

The castle pond with fountain is located to the right below the castle of the von Elverfeldt family and St. Laurentius Church is located to the left below the "Dicken Stein", which gave the village its name.

Canstein is known nationwide for the Highland Games held at the end of June.

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