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With its mighty walls and towering towers, Burg Schnellenberg towers majestically over the green hills of the Sauerland.

Die Burg aus der Ferne

Die Burg

Der Innenhof


Burg Schnellenberg

Schnellenberg 1

57439 Attendorn

Telefon: 02722/6940




After Archbishop Engelbert von Berg of Cologne fortified the village of Attendorn in 1222, he built Burg Schnellenberg at the same time. This is documented in an agreement with the Count of der Mark, who was granted two fiefs at the castle. The purpose of building the castle was to secure the Heidenstraße.

Today, Burg Schnellenberg is a 4-star hotel with a restaurant. The complex is still owned by the Freiherr von Fürstenberg-Herdringen family. The town of Attendorn offers civil wedding ceremonies in the cross vault.

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