Waldweg Grenzenlos

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Waldweg Grenzenlos
The "Waldweg Grenzenlos" stretches over a total of 2900 m and leads over clear-cut areas, through young and old-growth forests and through a school forest.


Tour starting point:

Parking lot at Manfred-Schöne-Str. 25-27, Olpe

Tour destination point:

Parking lot at Manfred-Schöne-Str. 25-27, Olpe


  • Fauna
  • suitable for baby carriages
  • barrier-free
  • Round trip
  • family-friendly
  • Flora




3.7 km


1:01 Std.

Elevation ascent

72 m

Elevation descent

72 m

Altitude (Minimum)

377 m

Altitude (Maximum)

430 m





Recommended seasons


The main section is designed as a circular trail with a length of almost 2,000 m. At the end of the first section (approx. 1,300 m), after crossing a forestry road, another part (approx. 800 m) of the "Waldweg Grenzenlos" begins, which only leads downhill (with a gradient of <6%) and ends as a dead end at a pond (please pay attention!).

The "Waldweg Grenzenlos" is equipped with a guidance system for the blind to enable visually impaired people to experience the course independently.

The entire trail is of course wheelchair accessible.

A language guide / podcast is available for download and guides visitors along the "Waldweg Grenzenlos". The stations and the forest are explained to the listener in short stories and amusing tales. The audio files can then be listened to from a cell phone or MP3 player at each station.

The "Waldweg Grenzenlos" not only conveys interesting facts, but above all makes the visible and invisible tangible. It has many surprises in store for young and old. Outdoor play and adventure elements make the visit unforgettable.

Further information: www.wald-und-holz.nrw.de



Along the way, numbered stations (also labeled in Braille) are waiting to be conquered and overcome. Visitors should bear in mind that the stations marked as mobile in the "Station overview" will only be set up if expressly requested by visitor groups."Waldweg Grenzenlos" - that means: recognizing your own limits, setting your own limits, pushing your own limits and overcoming your own limits. The constant confrontation with your own emotional tension, finding a balance between mind and body and successfully mastering 'impossible tasks' generates confidence in your own abilities and motivates you for new everyday tasks.So set off on the "Waldweg Grenzenlos", no previous knowledge or special skills are required! Just let yourself go and understand what others still have to learn.

Safty guidelines

Rescue systemThe "Waldweg Grenzenlos" is equipped with a rescue system. This rescue system makes it possible to rescue an accident victim in just a few minutes.At selected stations (No.1 and No.11) there are so-called rescue points, which are known to the Olpe rescue control center. Here you will find rescue signs with the emergency number 112 and a corresponding code number.In an emergency, please dial the emergency number 112 and enter the code number. The code number tells the rescue coordination center exactly where you are.The nearest rescue points are indicated by directional arrows at the stations. The nearest rescue point can be reached in the direction of the arrow.Do not leave the location from which you notified the rescue point. Wait there until the rescue services arrive!