Traces of mining in Giershagen (Marsberg, Sauerland)

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You are on the right track, following the traces left by Giershagen miners over the past 1000 years as they mined iron, copper, cölestine, marble and slate in the landscape near Giershagen.

Giershagen Startpunkt

Ehemalige Kupfergruben im Buchholz

Schachtpinge am Arnstein

Stollenmund Grube Reinhard

Tour starting point:

The circular trail starts at the church square in the center of the village of Giershagen.

Tour destination point:

Church square in the center of the village of Giershagen


  • Round trip
  • cultural / historical

Additional Information




18 km


5:00 Std.

Elevation ascent

301 m

Elevation descent

301 m

Altitude (Minimum)

278 m

Altitude (Maximum)

439 m





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The hike in the footsteps of the Giershagen miners is a trail for explorers. Find the places where ore was dug. Discover the remains of former mines. Learn about the hard work of the miners and their mining methods. Immerse yourself in the underground world of the mine buildings. Walk along the ore transportation routes. Learn to see the legacy of mining activities in inconspicuous irregularities on the surface or in the vegetation. Take a trip into the history of the earth and see how the ore and rocks around Giershagen were formed. You can also learn interesting facts about Westfalen's greatest baroque sculptor and the custom of the horse procession.



The 18 km long trail can be walked in 2 sections and leads past several mining fields and geological outcrops. Cultural-historical significance that can be seen along the way is also included thematically. It is recommended to walk the trail in the order of stations 1 - 36, as the information on the boards builds on each other.The southern route (stations 1-18) leads via the Adorf path to the largest and most important medieval Giershagen mining district in Eckefeld, from there to the Wartersberg and into the Arnsgrund to two impressive outcrops (limestone and diabase). Passing the oldest mining district on the Arnstein, the route continues along an old trolley line to a Bremsberg and from there to the medieval mine in the Schmalental. Through the Hüttenberg you reach the Judenpfad to the Rennebusch and back to the village. The northern route (stops 18-36) leads from the village center past the school and kindergarten via the Rennefeld to the Lülingshohl mine in the donkey stable. The route continues past the Diabass quarry and Klingelschacht through the Eschenseite to Diemelfurt. Along the Diemel you reach the leisure facility at the Reinhard mine. Here the path crosses the river and leads along the route of the old mine railroad along the other side of the Diemel to the Diemel bridge. From there, the trail continues past the Klusknapp to the Klus church and on to a former slate mine on the Rotenberg. Passing the horse cemetery, you reach the copper mining area in Buchholz via Gedenrath and back to the church square.MarkingThe circular hiking trail is marked with the mining sign "Schlägel und Wissen" white on a red-brown background (iron ore color) with a white "G" for "Giershagen". There are special signs with directional arrows at crossroads or branching paths. Special signs point to interesting things to discover for yourself.Route information The trail leads along field and forest paths. There are narrow nature trails in some places. The trail is not suitable for wheelchair users. Bicycles are not permitted on large sections of the trail. Mountain bikes are not permitted, as private land is used and it is forbidden to ride on it.

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