Traces of mining in Bredelar (Marsberg, Sauerland)

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"Bredelar mining traces" - in the footsteps of the miners.

Grube Reinhard Bredelarer Bergbauspuren

Wandertafel Bredelarer Bergbauspuren

Bredelarer Bergbauspuren

Bredelarer Bergbauspuren Schaumeiler

Tour starting point:

Bredelar train station

Tour destination point:

Bredelar train station




11.9 km


3:23 Std.

Elevation ascent

229 m

Elevation descent

229 m

Altitude (Minimum)

278 m

Altitude (Maximum)

426 m





The hike in the footsteps of the Bredelar miners is a trail for explorers. At 15 stations, real impressions of mining history are to be conveyed and thus an important segment of Bredelar's history can be experienced.
Find the places where ore was dug. Discover the remains of former mines. Learn about the hard work of the miners and their mining methods. Immerse yourself in the underground world of the mine buildings. Walk along the ore transportation routes. Learn to see the legacy of mining activities in inconspicuous irregularities on the surface or in the vegetation.
But also enjoy the impressive diversity of the landscape. The trail leads over plateaus with distant views of the Sauerland, through sparse Buchenwald forests and through the idyllic Diemeltal valley.



First, the path leads along Sauerlandstraße towards Beringhausen and after approx. 0.5 km turns into Diemelseestraße. After the Hoppecketal bridge, turn left after approx. 100 m onto a branch path to the Lydiastollen. From there, continue uphill past the Beringhof/alte Poststraße fork in the direction of Beringhof. After approx. 100m, the path turns right and leads through the Bellerstein to the open-cast quarry of the Charlottenzug mine, the highest point of the hiking trail. Hikers are rewarded for this ascent with wonderful views and distant views of the Hoppecke and Diemeltal valleys.At the Wirtschaftweg/Beringhof junction, follow the farm track in the direction of Bredelar through the Hackstöppel down into the Diemeltal valley. Along the Diemel, the path is identical to the northern route of the Giershagen hiking trail. The two paths separate at the junction with the L870 at the Wepa. After a few meters on the L870 in the direction of Bredelar, the trail turns left onto the old Poststraße. On the way back to Bredelar, information boards provide information about historical events. At the Poststrasse/Beringhof fork, it is worth taking a detour to the Lourdes-Grotte Grotto, from where you have a beautiful view of Bredelar. From there, the trail descends again over the Hoppeckebrücke bridge to the monastery, the final stop on the trail.

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