Through the "Old Testament" (SR5)

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Through the "Old Testament" (SR5)
Scenic and beautiful cycle route in the "Old Testament".

Bauerhaus Westenfeld

Linnepe vom Dümberg Gewitterstimmung Beate Feische


Panoramablick auf Wenninghausen


Panoramabild von Linnepe

Radtour um Sundern


Tour starting point:

Sundern Town Hall

Tour destination point:

Sundern Town Hall


  • promising
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop
  • cultural / historical




18 km


1:19 Std.

Elevation ascent

192 m

Elevation descent

192 m

Altitude (Minimum)

244 m

Altitude (Maximum)

378 m





Recommended seasons

This cycle tour offers you scenic delights and Sauerland half-timbered idylls as well as fantastic views. It takes you past the villages of Westenfeld, Hellefeld, Altenhellefeld, Linnepe and Weninghausen. They are all located in the "Old Testament" hiking paradise in the Sauerland-Rothaargebirge Nature Park. This area is known as the 'Old Testament' because it comprises twelve settlements, just like the twelve tribes of Israel. The name originally means 'old covenant' and comes from the Latin word "testamentum".



The entire Sauerland region has been signposted with the junction system since tour starts at the town hall in Sundern. Turn right at the bus stop and follow Meschede Straße in the direction of Westenfeld. On leaving Sundern, you can follow the cycle path to Westenfeld on the left-hand side. Cycle past the Schützenhalle and church and turn left into "Bainghauser Weg". After 130 m, turn right into "Weist". A beautiful meadow valley with a small stream leads you to a country road (take care!), which you should cross carefully and follow the path to Hellefeld opposite, past the equestrian center. Here, too, you have to cross another busy road (take care!). Now cycle into the village center of Hellefeld. The second street on the right is "Kehlstraße". Turn right here and follow the road until you come to the L839 country road. Now turn left (there is a cycle path behind the crash barrier) and after 1 km you will reach the beautiful village of Altenhellefeld. Keep straight on at the crossroads and take the first right into "Lange Straße". After 200 m, turn left into "Dünnefeldweg", cross the village road (take care!) and turn right into "Zum Dünnefeld". This road turns into a gravel path. Follow this path past a barn and enjoy beautiful views of the "Hardt" and "Sauberg" mountains to your right along the way. In Linnepe, you reach "Linneper Straße", turn left, pass the "Zur Mühle" inn and now turn right onto district road 7 towards Weninghausen.In Weninghausen, cycle straight up the hill for approx. 200 m until the road forks. Take the right-hand path and follow it. After a climb, there is a long descent with fantastic views of the Sauerland Siebengebirge around Stockum and you reach the village of Recklinghausen. At "Recklinghauser Straße", turn right towards Sundern and follow the road until you reach the traffic circle. Take the 2nd exit here and continue straight ahead. After 200 m, turn right before the traffic lights into "Ewiger Weg" and after approx. 380 m turn left again into "Selschede Weg" until you reach the paper factory. Turn left here into "Hauptstraße", which will take you to the city center. Now continue through the pedestrian zone and at the fountain turn right across Levi-Klein-Platz, through the underpass and you have reached the starting point of your tour.

Safty guidelines

A rescue point system has been installed throughout the region (Soest district, Hochsauerlandkreis, Märkischer Kreis, Olpe district and Siegen-Wittgenstein district). Rescue points can be found on the information boards at the junctions of the Südwestfalen cycle network.

Public transiot

There are no train stations along the route. A limited journey is possible by bus. The nearest train station to the starting point is in Arnsberg.

Getting there

At the starting point you will find a parking lot that is suitable as a starting point for your bike tour.


Town hall in Sundern