Sauerland-Höhenflug: From the Ebbemoore to the Hanseatic city

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Sauerland-Höhenflug: From the Ebbemoore to the Hanseatic city

On this public transport tour, the Sauerland-Höhenflug crosses the Nordhelle with the Ebbemoore and leads via Windhausen to the old Hanseatic town of Attendorn.

Zwei Wanderer an den Ebbemooren

Ausblick bei Windhausen

Zuweg in Richtung Attendorn

Blick von der Nordhelle

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Ebbemoore - Naturschätze Südwestfalens

Tour starting point:

Attendorn, ZOB

Tour destination point:

Attendorn, ZOB


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Additional Information

Service and booking hotline for the Sauerland-Höhenflug: 02974 - 202 199

The smart number for bus and train in NRW:

Tel.: 01803 - 50 40 30 (0.09€/min from a German landline, mobile max. 0.42€/min)

Timetable information "around the clock" every day of the year.

Zweckverband Personennahverkehr Westfalen-Süd (ZWS):




20.9 km


5:30 Std.

Elevation ascent

342 m

Elevation descent

525 m

Altitude (Minimum)

252 m

Altitude (Maximum)

660 m





Recommended seasons


On this hike from Valbert to Attendorn, you will cross the Nordhelle, the highest mountain in the Ebbegebirge with the Ebbemoore, a fascinating natural feature. Unspoiled nature, magnificent views from the Robert-Kolb-Turm or the panoramic viewpoint near Windhausen and extensive forests accompany you and make the hours of hiking fly by. The tour starts and ends in the beautiful town of Attendorn, which can be reached comfortably and environmentally friendly with the Biggesee Express.

All public transport information at a glance:

From the Attendorn central bus station, you can take the R61 line in the direction of Meinerzhagen to Meinerzhagen, Valbert Ort. The line runs every two hours, even at weekends. Travel time approx. 30 minutes. Attendorn can also be easily reached with the Biggesse Express from Olpe and Finnentrop.

Exact departure times and changes:

Potsdamer Platz

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Im Valberter Ortskern, auf der kleinen Einkaufsstraße, befindet sich der gemütlich gestaltete Potsdamer Platz, welcher mit Brunnen, Bänken, Beeten und den beiden Skulpturen "Ingrid und Fred" zum Verweilen einlädt.

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Naturschätze Raufußkauz
Naturschätze Ebbemoore
Nordhelle (662,7 m ü. NN)

Blick auf die Nordhelle aus Richtung Reblin (Hersc

Die Nordhelle, 662,7 m über NN, ist die höchste Erhebung des Ebbegebirges im westlichen Sauerland, und liegt zwischen Meinerzhagen (Ortsteil Valbert) und der Ebbegemeinde Herscheid.

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Erlebnisspielplatz Nordhelle

Das "Kletterflugzeug" au

In direkter Nähe zum Robert-Kolb Turm befindet sich auch der Erlebnisspielplatz auf der Nordhelle, welcher alle kleinen Entdecker und Wanderfreunde zu einer gemütlichen Pause mit Spielen und Toben einlädt.

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Naturschätze Rotmilan
Rastplatz Nordhelle Stahlschmidt

Wegekreuz der SGV am Rastplatz "Spinn

Der Rastplatz "Stahlschmidt", umgangssprachlich auch "Spinne" genannt, ist die zentrale Wegekreuzung auf dem Höhenzug des Ebbegebirges.

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South Sauerland Museum

Das Museum von außen

The Südsauerlandmuseum of the Olpe district in Attendorn has already experienced more than 110 years of history.

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Tourist information of the Hanseatic town of Attendorn

Tourist-Information Attendorn

We are delighted that you are interested in our beautiful Hanseatic town of Attendorn and would like to welcome you to the Tourist Information in the pedestrian zone in Attendorn.

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Aussichtsplattform Biggeblick

Der Biggeblick

Enjoy the feeling of freedom and space.

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The tour starts at Attendorn train station, which you can reach comfortably and environmentally friendly with the Biggesee Express. At the station, take the R61 bus in the direction of Meinerzhagen to Valbert Ort. From the bus stop, follow Ihnestraße, which automatically leads to the access path marked in black. The access path continues through the village and joins the main path just before the Koppenkopf. Now follow the yellow-marked main trail in the direction of Nordhelle.The crossing of the narrow wooden footbridge through the "Wilde Wiese" moorland area offers fascinating and untouched nature. The nature reserve is part of the Ebbemoore, which has been designated an FFH area due to its rarity. Many rare animal and plant species such as peat moss, cranberry, bog lily and the raised bog fritillary butterfly can be found in these hillside and spring moors.The route now climbs steadily uphill through the wild and romantic nature reserve. Below Nordhelle, the trail comes across a 250-year-old branded tree. The gnarled copper beech served as a border tree, marking the boundary of the Herscheid Mark.The Sauerland-Höhenflug reaches Nordhelle via a natural path. At 663 m above sea level, it is the highest mountain in the Ebbegebirge. Next to a hiking restaurant is the Robert-Kolb-Turm on the summit, which was erected in 1913 and named after the then head hiking warden of the Sauerland Mountain Association. From here, you have a wonderful view far across the Märkischer Kreis into the Siebengebirge and Münsterland. Nordhelle is also home to the 130-metre-high WDR broadcasting tower and a smaller Bundeswehr telecommunications tower. The 150 m high Ebbegebirge telecommunications tower is located one kilometer away on the Waldberg. The high-altitude trail leaves the summit area of the Nordhelle and descends steeply into the valley of the small river Erlmecke, offering magnificent views. A short time later, along a wonderful natural path, it reaches the "Spinne" crossroads, where numerous hiking trails meet and the refuge invites you to take a short break. The high-altitude route continues - initially along a narrow trail - over the Rüenhardt (636 m), the highest point in Attendorn, past the "half gallows", an old court square on the border between the Kurkölnisches and Märkisches Sauerland. The name of the Rüenhardt testifies to a rough Hardt, a wooded height exposed to wind and weather.Past Forsthaus Ebbe, we follow a rocky trail that is a real challenge not only for bikers but also for hikers. Be careful, it can be very bumpy and slippery!After another 2.5 km, we cross a tarred road. Continue past the Weltringhausen sports field (where you can take a break) in the direction of "Auf der Höhe". Shortly before the "Auf der Höhe" district, the access path coming from Roscheid meets the Sauerland-Höhenflug. The hiking trail runs through a beautiful deciduous forest past the district and shortly afterwards offers a fantastic view of Attendorn with Burg Schnellenberg, the Biggesee and the Biggetal valley. The high-level trail briefly crosses the tarred road coming from Windhausen and runs along the outskirts of Windhausen with its fascinating panoramic views. Shortly before the village center, the access path coming from Attendorn meets the main path. Here we leave the main path and walk downhill along the access path to Attendorn railroad station, where the tour ends.

Safty guidelines

Sturdy shoes are recommended

Public transiot

In Attendorn: The Biggesee Express (RB 92) takes you from Finnentrop or Olpe to Heggen and Attendorn every hour. At Finnentrop station, you have a connection to the RE 16 from/to Essen and Siegen. It is not only the good frequency and the environmental protection idea that invites you to start your hike on the Sauerland-Höhenflug completely by public transport. The journey on the Biggesee Express in the Biggesee vacation and vacation area is also a scenic experience. Unique in Germany on this route is the double-decker bridge over the Dumicke and Lister valleys with the country road above and the railroad below. In Valbert: The Valbert Ort stop offers connections to Meinerzhagen (R61), Attendorn (R61) and Lüdenscheid (via Meinerzhagen ZOB). It is located in the middle of the village on Ihnestraße, but the access route is signposted and takes you to the Sauerland-Höhenflug near the Koppenkopf.

Getting there

Attendorn : Via the A45 to the Olpe exit, then via the L 512 to Attendorn Valbert: The town of Meinerzhagen is located in the immediate vicinity of the A 45, has its own highway exit and can be reached within an hour's drive from the Ruhrgebiet and the Cologne/Aachen metropolitan area. You can reach Valbert from Meinerzhagen via the L 539.


Attendorn: Attendorn hospital or train station, at the Feuerteich or at the Rewe/Alleecenter near the train station. Valbert: In the center of Valbert. GoogleMaps-Koordinate: 51.120017,7.750778