Round tour "with a view"

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Round tour "with a view"
This family-friendly circular tour from Soest to the Möhnesee and back again offers lake views, magnificent views of a medieval church tower silhouette and large parts of the Westfalen Bay as well as a detour to a nature reserve where semi-wild horses and Heck cattle live.

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Knotenpunktsystem Kreis Soest

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Logo Pengel-Anton

Tour starting point:

Soest train station

Tour destination point:

Soest train station




32.9 km


2:20 Std.

Elevation ascent

266 m

Elevation descent

265 m

Altitude (Minimum)

95 m

Altitude (Maximum)

290 m





The Pengel-Anton-Route - a former railroad line - takes you from the old Hanseatic town of Soest to Möhnesee, initially car-free. Even from the Haar mountain range, there are always wonderful views of the largest of the Sauerland reservoirs and the Arnsberg Forest behind it. Once at the lake, well-maintained cycle paths lead along the northern shore in places before returning to the starting point via the Alter Soestweg through the Kleiberg nature reserve. Although there are a few meters of elevation gain to overcome on this section, little cyclists are sure to enjoy the ride through the former military training area between Soest-Hiddingsen and Möhnesee-Büecke, especially when they spot one of the semi-wild horses, Heck cattle or wild sheep that have been settled there. And the grown-ups will be more than "compensated" with a view of the impressive church tower silhouette of the old Hanseatic town of Soest. From here, you can just let yourself roll along at a relaxed pace until you reach your destination...