Meschede high-level hiking trail - stage 2 (M)

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Meschede high-level hiking trail - stage 2 (M)

The second stage of the Meschede Höhenwanderweg trail is 15.7 km long and takes you from the village of Grevenstein via Berge to Freienohl.

Kiche in Berge

Wegweiser in Meschede-Freienohl (F) (M) F2, F3 Rundweg Küppelturm

Hier geht es lang...

Halloh-Kapelle bei Calle

Wandertafel am Markplatz Freienohl

Sitzecke Marktplatz Freienohl

Wanderparkplatz in Meschede-Berge

Übersicht Spielplatz

Tour starting point:

Village of Grevenstein

Tour destination point:



  • Stage tour
  • Round trip




15.7 km


4:13 Std.

Elevation ascent

213 m

Elevation descent

349 m

Altitude (Minimum)

224 m

Altitude (Maximum)

458 m





Recommended seasons

Parkplatz Schützenhalle, Ostfeld


Parkmöglichkeiten in Meschede-Grevenstein.

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Kapelle Am Rechenberg
Pfarrkirche St. Luzia

Pfarrkirche St. Lucia

Die Orgel der Kirche stammt aus der Benediktinerabtei Königsmünster in Meschede.

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Parkplatz Oberberge


Parkmöglichkeiten in Oberberge, in der Nähe von Meschede-Freienohl.

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Viewpoint at Halloh

Halloh-Kapelle bei Calle

Wallfahrtskapelle auf dem "Halloh"

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Radringparkplatz Wennemen


Die Marienkapelle in Meschede/Wennemen.

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Diese Kapelle wurde 1731 zu Ehren der Mutter Gottes auf dem Plastenberg erbaut.

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Wanderparkplatz Marktplatz, Freienohl

Wanderparkplatz Freienohl

Wanderparkplatz in der Ortsmitte Freienohls

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Parkplatz an der Kirche, Freienohl

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Parkplatzmöglichkeiten in Meschede-Freienohl.

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Bahnhof Freienohl
Wanderparkplatz Jüpkenpark, Berge

Wanderparkplatz in Meschede-Berge

Wanderparkplatz an der Parkanlage

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Bahnhof Freienohl


Bahnhof in Meschede-Freienohl

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Playground "Zum Feisberg"


Beautiful playground in a well-kept park directly on the SauerlandRadring.

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Playground on the village square in Wennemen

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

There is also a playground right on the village square in Wennemen.

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Our hike begins at the Schützenhalle in Grevenstein. Behind the "Holländer Hof" hotel, we make several short changes of direction through the fields to a hill between the "Eimberg" and "Uchtenberg". Here we initially walk straight ahead at the crossroads and after about 300 m we come to the SGV main hiking route X 13. We follow this hiking route for about 2 km straight ahead in a northerly direction past the "Großer Schneppenberg" (486 m above sea level) and "Kleiner Schneppenberg" (443 m above sea level) to the next crossroads of hiking trails. Keep right here and walk around "Die Burg" (474 m above sea level). After approx. 3 km we reach the chapel "Am Rechenberg" (309 m above sea level). From here we have a wonderful view of the district of Berge in the Wennetal valley, the "Altes Testament" vacation area (Altenhellefeld) and the Ruhrtal valley (Olpe - Freienohl). We now walk down to the center of the village of Berge. At Olpe Straße, we turn right into the street "Zur Küchenhelle" and cross the Wenne. Before the large timber yard, we turn right through the"Jüppkenpark" to the road (L 840) to Meschede. We follow the road for about 30 m to the left and then turn left again up the new Berger Kreuzweg to the hiking trail junction "Am Halloh". Here we also meet the shortcut hiking trails (m) from Oesterberge - Calle and Oesterberge - Wallen. The chapel(further information >>) at this crossroads indicates the long cultural and religious significance of this place.Our hiking trail now leads us left to the forest and then left again down into the Ruhrauen near Wennemen. After approx. 2 km we come to the Ruhrhöhenweg - SGV main hiking route XR, which we follow to the right. After approx. 1 km we reach the Ruhr through a hollow path. We then cross a narrow bridge to reach the tennis courts on the Hagen - Meschede - Kassel railroad line. After crossing the railroad line, we leave the Ruhrhöhenweg (X R) and walk left along the Ruhrtalweg (Domänenstraße) under the highway (A 46) past the Bockum estate to the main road Meschede - Freienohl (L 743). We follow this road for approx. 150 m to the left in the direction of Freienohl and then, after crossing the L 743 and continuing to the left, we reach the Bremketal valley through an old hollow path. We then walk through the "Plastenberg" development area and initially go straight ahead into Berliner Straße. Turning left, we reach a footpath with several steps at Konrad-Arnold-Straße, which leads us to Bahnhofstraße (main street). Here we turn right and walk over the Ruhr bridge and up the "Breiten Weg" to the Freienohl market square.

Public transiot

Meschede-Freienohl can be reached by train. It is approx. 1.5 kilometers on foot from the train station to the start of the hike at the market square.


Parking is available at the parking lot of the Schützenhalle Ostfeld. Further parking facilities are marked along the route.