Meinerzhagen Stoltenberg circular trail (A3) - Between Grundlose and Ebbenhöhe

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Meinerzhagen Stoltenberg circular trail (A3) - Between Grundlose and Ebbenhöhe

The A3 circular hiking trail in Meinerzhagen, in the Oben an der Volme region in the Märkisches Sauerland, leads hikers on a wooded loop past the marshy headwaters of the Lister and through the foothills of the "Ebbemoore" nature reserve.

Die Grundlose - Das Quellgebiet der Lister

Naturbelassene Waldstücke im Naturschutzgebiet

Wegeführung mitten durch den Wald

Die Schutzhütte lädt zu einer kleinen Rast ein

Aussicht nach Verlassen des Waldes über Niederhengstenberg hinweg

Tour starting point:

Stoltenberg hiking parking lot

Tour destination point:

Stoltenberg hiking parking lot


  • Round trip
  • Flora

Additional Information

As guests in the forest, we show understanding, respect and correct behavior in order to ensure the use, protection and recreation of our forest.




5.4 km


1:30 Std.

Elevation ascent

129 m

Elevation descent

129 m

Altitude (Minimum)

453 m

Altitude (Maximum)

574 m





Recommended seasons


On the A3 circular hiking trail, hikers discover the special nature at the foot of the Ebbegebirge. The trail initially leads slowly but steadily up the mountain, where the Grundlose, the headwaters of the Lister, is reached. Further up, now at an altitude of almost 600 meters, the hiking trail now leads visitors slowly back towards the starting point on a kind of small Kammweg, with some great views. The trail now also leads through the "Ebbemoore" nature reserve and you hike through a natural and pristine forest area before crossing fields, meadows and settlements back to the hiking parking lot,

Wanderparkplatz Stoltenberg

Outdooractive Poi Fallback Bild

Nach Verlassen der BAB 45 bietet der Wanderparkplatz Meinerzhagen Stoltenberg die erste Möglichkeit zum Einstieg in das Ebbegebirge.

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The Willertshagen Devil's Stone (world of legends)

Die Sagenplakette

There is a unique audio experience to discover at this bench at the Stoltenberg hiking parking lot.

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Grundlose - Quellgebiet der Lister

Aussichtsplattform mit Infotafel

Die Grundlose - das Quellgebiet der Lister - ist ein Moorgebiet auf dem Stadtgebiet von Meinerzhagen, nördlicher der Ortschaft Willertshagen.

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Hohlwege an der Listerquelle (Eisenstraße)

Der Hohlweg mit der Karrenspur in der Nähe der Lis

Bei den Hohlwegen an der Listerquelle handelt es sich um einen Rest der von Meinerzhagen kommenden und über Lüdenscheid nach Hagen führenden Eisenstraße.

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Die Römer in der Grundlose (Sagenwelt)

Die Sagenplakette

Bei dem Aussichtsplateau bei der Grundlose, dem Quellgebiet der Lister, gibt es an dieser Bank ein einzigartiges Hörspielerlebnis zu entdecken.

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Schutzhütte Grundlose

... Sonnenuntergangsstimmung im Märkischen Sauerla

Die Schutzhütte Grundlose liegt im gleichnamigen Gebiet der Grundlose im Naturschutzgebiet Auf'm Ebbe / Ebbemoore.

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Starting at the Stoltenberg hiking parking lot, we follow the marked path, which climbs steadily towards Grundlose - the source of the Lister. We now find the swampy head waters on the left, with the path continuing to ascend and running largely parallel to them. "Once we reach the top, we find a small refuge where we can take a short break.Our circular hiking trail now bends diagonally to the right and leads us along a beautiful little ridge-like path through the local woods. After a few hundred meters, there is a beautiful view of the nearby Nordhelle on the left, through the still relatively young conifers.The path continues through the forest and now drops gently down the slope on the left. The natural part of the trail now begins. To the left and right of our route, we can marvel at the special nature before we now walk along the edge of the forest and along a field path with high grass cover in the direction of Hohenhengstenberg.After reaching the first house, we keep right again on the small road and follow it downhill towards Niederhengstenberg. Here we "cross" the local farm and follow the path that climbs again, mostly along the edge of the forest, back towards the hikers' parking lot.

Safty guidelines

The near-natural route of the circular hiking trail in the foothills of the Ebbemoore allows hikers to walk through higher meadows and sometimes climb over fallen trees.First aid: In an emergency, call the emergency number 112 and quote the rescue point number. Rescue points are marked access points in the forest for rescue vehicles. If the nearest rescue point is not known, your location can be called up directly via AML (Advanced Mobile Location) during the emergency call.

Public transiot

With the RB 25Coming from Cologne or Lüdenscheid, get off at Meinerzhagen station. Change to the bus route R61 and then get off at the bus stop Abzw. Willertshagen. From here it is a 10-minute walk to the Stoltenberg hiking parking lot.Further bus connections can be found on the ZWS homepage.

Getting there

Arrival via the A45, Meinerzhagen exit, continue in the direction of Valbert / Attendorn. After a few meters, keep left again in the direction of Willertshagen. Follow the road until you reach the Stoltenberg hiking parking lot.Coming from the east (Attendorn), pass the Meinerzhagen district of Valbert and turn right towards Willertshagen shortly before reaching the Meinerzhagen urban area, before the highway. Follow the road until you reach the Stoltenberg hiking parking lot.


Parking is available free of charge at the Stoltenberg hiking parking lot.