Legend and story trail "Sagenkreis der Eresburg" Obermarsberg (Marsberg, Sauerland)

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Legend and story trail "Sagenkreis der Eresburg" Obermarsberg (Marsberg, Sauerland)

Marsberg also has its special places and mysterious spots that are easy to pass by carelessly if you don't know their significance.

Tafel 2 des Sagenrundweges Prangergeschichten



Tour starting point:

Eresburgstraße 33 ,34431 Marsberg, Nikolaikirche

Tour destination point:

Eresburgstraße 33, 34431 Marsberg, Nikolaikirche


  • Round trip
  • family-friendly
  • cultural / historical




2.7 km


0:55 Std.

Elevation ascent

69 m

Elevation descent

70 m

Altitude (Minimum)

330 m

Altitude (Maximum)

400 m





The history of Obermarsberg officially begins in 772 AD, when King Charles I, later known as Charlemagne, conquered Eresburg Castle and destroyed the sanctuary of the Saxons, the Irminsul. The verifiable history of Eresburg Castle actually begins with Charlemagne. However, there is also another history, that of legends and myths.

Obermarsberg is full of fascinating, legendary and mysterious places. On a walk through the "old town on the mountain", past historical sites, viewpoints and long-forgotten places of worship, the secrets are revealed on the legend and story trail through Obermarsberg. Everyone would like to hear these stories.



The legend trail begins on the south side of the Nikolaikirche in Obermarsberg and tells legends and myths about the history of Eresburg at 14 stations on appealing and explanatory display boards.

Safty guidelines

Please follow the local instructions for the protection of nature.Please do not walk off the paths.Please do not make any noise.Please do not collect stones or minerals.Please do not pick mushrooms.Please do not leave any garbage lying around.Please do not feed animals.Please only camp in the marked areas.Please do not make an open fire.Please do not pick any plants.Please do not remove any plants or animals.Please do not let dogs run free.Please do not fly kites or model airplanes.

Public transiot

By car, bike or on foot