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The 63 km Diemelsteig quality hiking trail opens up the entire Diemelsee vacation region. Access is possible from all villages along the route.

Wandern auf dem Diemelsteig

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Tour starting point:

Diemelsee-Heringhausen - Tourist-Information

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Diemelsee-Heringhausen - Tourist-Information


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Additional Information

Diemelsee Tourist Information Office

Kirchstr. 6, 34519 Diemelsee-Heringhausen

Tel. +49 (0)5633 91133






63.2 km


18:08 Std.

Elevation ascent

1700 m

Elevation descent

1700 m

Altitude (Minimum)

329 m

Altitude (Maximum)

644 m





Recommended seasons


For years, the Diemelsee vacation region has been known for vacation and relaxation, water sports and hiking.

The 63 km Diemelsteig is a rewarding and challenging hiking trail. Starting at the parking lot in Kirchstraße in Heringhausen, the Diemelsteig trail leads via Rhenegge to Adorf, continuing via Wirmighausen, Flechtdorf and Schweinsbühl to Deisfeld. Continuing via Hemmighausen, the Diemelsteig Trail shares a section with the Uplandsteig Trail to Ottlar and then returns "alone" to Heringhausen.

With a largely natural route in the midst of a distinct low mountain range landscape, the trail offers wonderful views, steep inclines, panoramic landscapes, meadows and fields in constant alternation. The well-marked trail, including consecutive kilometers, can be hiked with or without a map.

For more information about the Diemelsteig, accommodation or places of interest, please contact the Diemelsee Tourist Information Office.



Description of the Diemelsteig trail D km 0 to 5 The Florenbicke hiking parking lot in Heringhausen is the start of the Diemelsteig trail below the St. Muffert viewpoint. We recommend parking in the parking lot at the tourist information office (Kirchstraße 6). From there, a 1 km long feeder path takes you along the riverside promenade with wonderful views of small bays, sailors, surfers and bathers. The route leads past Diemelsee's largest hotel to the end of the village of Heringhausen. You cross the L 3078 and after a few meters you come to the start at the "Florenbicke" hiking parking lot. This is followed by the ascent to the secret highlight of the Diemelsteig: the St. Muffert cliff with its refuge almost at the highest point of the mountain (592 m). An incomparable panoramic view of both ends of the lake makes the arduous climb worthwhile. You cross the Eisenberg. Pass historic boundary stones of the Principality of Waldeck (FW) and leave the forest in the direction of Rhenegge.D km 5 to 10 Beautiful view of Padberg with its monastery. The path leads past meadows and fields to the Frauenrad with its refuge. This invites you to linger and offers a wonderful view of Adorf with its windmills. Now follow the field path downhill to the Rhene. This small stream used to feed the "Kleine Mühle" mill, the wheel of which can still be seen today at the "Hofmeister" restaurant in Adorf. Continue along the mill race to the Rhenegge mill, where electricity is still generated by a water turbine. The trail leads over a bridge along the L3076 towards the "Christiane" visitor mine. The Diemelsteig trail leads uphill past the exit of the "Pferdestollen" mine to a small wooded area. D km 10 to 15 Turn left at the edge of the forest and follow the path towards Martenberg. Before the Martenberg Klippen, known worldwide in geological circles as the "Rosenschlösschen" and "Adorfer Stufe" formations, the trail leads downhill to Adorf. The "Bicke", a small stream that rises in Wirmighausen, accompanies you for the next two kilometers.D km 15 to 20 Walk along the donkey path on the edge of the village to the main road, cross the K74 and leave Wirmighausen in the direction of Lenkenberg. Past meadows and fields over the Lenkenberg to the edge of the forest, after a short right turn you turn left again to the Stunzenberg parallel to and above the Aartalstraße in the forest. At kilometer 18.5, the path bends at right angles in the direction of Eichenlied. D km 20 to 25 At kilometer 20, you cross the K74 and then head towards Kalkrose. Coming out of the forest, you have a wonderful view of the village of Flechtdorf with its twin-towered pillar basilica. After 500m along the district road, you reach the village of Flechtdorf. Continue to the church. At the cemetery, the path bends to the right towards Halsberg. Passing forest edges, fields and meadows, the path loops through the forest and climbs slightly to the "Brückenkopf".D km 25 to 30 Enjoy the wonderful forest landscape of the low mountain range on the relatively flat high-level trail (600 m above sea level). At km 29.5 you leave the closed forest area below the "Widdehagen". Shortly before kilometer 30, you reach a refuge that invites you to linger near the Rhene spring.D km 30 to 35The path crosses the K68 for a short distance and continues straight on to a small wood. Once you have crossed this, the view of the village of Schweinsbühl opens up. In a small loop, you leave the outskirts of Schweinsbühl, crossing the K67. On the Höhenweg past "Winterscheid", turn left. At kilometer 33, the path bends to the right and runs straight ahead through the forest for approx. 800m. The trail winds its way downhill to the Hamesbeutel, circles it and continues steeply downhill to the center of Deisfeld. D km 35 to 40After a small loop in the village, the trail continues for approx. 2 km along the Diemel to the Speier mill. After a few meters, you will reach Hemmighausen, where the Diemelsteig Trail meets the Uplandsteig Trail in the middle of the village and continues together from here. The joint trail between Ölkesberg and Dietrichsberg now leads uphill to the refuge at Niegelscheid. D km 40 to 45A wonderful view of the Diemelsee invites you to take a short break. The landscape now offers wonderful distant views, the landscape is mainly characterized by meadows and fields. Follow the path uphill to route kilometer 43, shortly after which you cross the district road 63 and follow the signs to the Dommelhöfe farms (635 m above sea level) on a tarred road. Once you reach the farms, you should simply leave the path and walk up to the Dommel Tower (726 m above sea level). This detour is rewarded with a unique panoramic view of the Sauerland and the Waldeck region. The Diemel and Uplandsteig trails also separate at this point.D km 45 to 50In the middle of the magnificent mixed and spruce forest, you hike to the refuge at the "Wiggenknochen". The landscape of the low mountain range presents itself from its most beautiful side here. The path turns right towards Stormbruch. Above the village, it leads past meadows and fields. After km 48, you cross the road to Bontkirchen and after several hundred meters you reach a wooded area. The trail now leads through spruce and mixed forest above the Diemelsee (Itter inlet) and offers beautiful views of the reservoir and nature reserve in several places.D km 50 to 54Coming out of the forest, the Diemelsee shows its Hessian bathing side. Downhill to the lakeside path at the campsites, you reach the large ash side. Through the Buchenwald and the Diemelsee-Itterarm nature reserve, you reach the end of the Diemelsee. Here you cross the Diemelsee peripheral road (L3393) and hike along the Diemelsteig trail up into the deciduous forest above Kotthausen. There is a wonderful view of the 3.2 km long Itter arm along the entire hiking route to the weekend houses "Am Fresenberg". Above the weekend houses, the trail leads through the deciduous forest to the Helminghausen hiking parking lot and then on towards the dam wall. A zig-zag path near the dam wall takes you to the power station, crosses a small bridge above the Tosbecken and hikes along the Diemel to the small barrage. From here, the ascent takes place from an altitude of 341m above sea level over the pond with an impressive view of the power station building and the dam wall. After overcoming 253 meters of altitude on the trail to the summit of the Eisenberg at 595 m above sea level, the view sweeps over the lake and the many mountains of the (Hessian) Upland and the North Rhine-Westphalian Sauerland.D km 60 to 63From the Eisenberg summit, the highest mountain in the town of Marsberg, the hike leads through the Buchenwald forest, past historic state boundary stones and down to the turning point of the Diemelsteig trail at 590 m above sea level. Now it's back to the starting point at the Florenbicke hiking parking lot.

Safty guidelines

Marking: White "D" on green square

Public transiot

The bus and train connections to Diemelsee:Line 569: Diemelsee - Willingen/Bad ArolsenLine 566: Korbach - DiemelseeLine 560: Diemelsee - Willingen/Bad ArolsenStations around DiemelseeWillingen (Upland) railroad stationMarsberg-Bredelar railroad stationKorbach main stationBrilon (Wald) railroad stationCollective taxiAST (AnrufSammelTaxi), stop Heringhausen Mitte Tel. 05631-5062088

Getting there

By car: 34519 Diemelsee-Heringhausen, KirchstraßePublic transportation:We recommend traveling by train to Willingen or Willingen/Usseln station, then by cab (included in the MeineCard+ guest card).Bus from Willingen/Usseln station to Heringhausen Mitte stop (included in SauerlandCard guest card).


Florenbicke hiking parking lot (entrance)Large parking lot Heringhausen (Kirchstraße)Several large parking lots around the lake.