D2 - Hike around Diemelsee-Deisfeld past the bird trail

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / D2 - Hike around Diemelsee-Deisfeld past the bird trail
Deisfeld is the smallest district of the Diemelsee municipality. It is an oasis of peace in the middle of the Diemelsee Nature Park, not far from the Willingen winter sports area and Diemelsee.

Blick auf Deisfeld und Schweinsbühl

Tour starting point:

Hikers' parking lot "Am Steinpfahl"

Tour destination point:

Hikers' parking lot "Am Steinpfahl"


  • dog friendly
  • promising
  • Fauna
  • Round trip
  • family-friendly
  • Flora

Additional Information

Tourist Information Diemelsee

Kirchstraße 6, 34519 Heringhausen

Phone: 05633 91133

E-mail: info@diemelsee.de





6.4 km


1:50 Std.

Elevation ascent

179 m

Elevation descent

180 m

Altitude (Minimum)

419 m

Altitude (Maximum)

569 m





Recommended seasons


The D2 is a beautiful circular trail around Diemelsee-Deisfeld and takes you past the bird trail. A refuge invites you to stop for a rest. Experience the tranquillity and learn about the different bird species. Treat your feet to a refreshing dip in the newly created water treading pool.

Heringhausen with the Diemelsee is not far away. Many leisure activities and refreshment stops await you here.



From the "Am Steinpfahl" hiking parking lot, follow the Diemelsteig trail in an easterly direction for a long time. At the crossroads, turn right into the center of the village, walk straight ahead for a short distance and then turn left again at the next crossroads. At milepost "36" of the Diemelsteig trail, follow the Diemelsteig trail to the right downhill past fields and meadows into the "Hammesbeutel". Many exciting and interesting descriptions of the local birds await you on the following bird trail, at the end diagonally to the right. Shortly after milepost "36" of the Diemelsteig trail, you have reached the highest point. You can see far into the valley, to Needar and even as far as the Georg-Viktor tower in Korbach-Goldhausen. After another 800m or so, leave the Diemelsteig and turn right. About 200m later, the Uplandsteig joins the D2. At kilometer 25 of the Uplandsteig, follow the Uplandsteig uphill to the right. You can take a break at the refuge above Eimelrod with a view of Eimelrod and the Upland mountains. Shortly after the refuge with a view of Hemmighausen and the Dommel, turn right and follow the Uplandsteig down through the forest. About 200m after kilometer 24 of the Uplandsteig, leave the Uplandsteig and turn right. Now it goes downhill. After 800m, turn right and walk downhill to Deisfeld. From the village 200m on the Diemelsteig in a southerly direction, turn left twice to reach the hiking parking lot "Am Steinpfahl".

Public transiot

Collective call cab:The mobility center is located in Korbach. Phone: +49 (0)5631 506208.

Getting there

From the north: Drive towards Hannover and take the A7 towards Kassel until the Kasseler Kreuz junction, then take the A44 towards Dortmund, exit Marsberg towards DiemelseeFrom the east: Take direction Kassel, then A44 Dortmund exit Marsberg direction DiemelseeFrom the west: Direction Dortmund, A44 direction Kassel, exit Marsberg direction DiemelseeFrom the south: Munich in the direction of Nuremberg, Kassel and onto the A44 in the direction of Dortmund, Marsberg exit and in the direction of Diemelsee


At the hiking parking lot "Am Steinpfahl"