Bionik-Pfad Marsberg (Sauerland)

Sauerland-Seen / Outdooractive Touren / Bionik-Pfad Marsberg (Sauerland)

The Bionik-Pfad Marsberg in the Diemelsee Nature Park runs along the beautiful, idyllic Padberg 2 (P 2) hiking trail to the left and right of the Diemel and is 4.8 km long. It is a worthwhile destination for technology fans, physics enthusiasts, nature lovers - in short, for anyone who is curious, likes to try things out and wants to learn something from nature at the same time.

Bionik-Pfad Marsberg Station Schwimmflossen

Bionik-Pfad Marsberg Starttafel

Bionik-Pfad Marsberg Station Lotoseffekt

Tour starting point:

Niedermühle parking lot in Padberg and Grube Reinhard parking lot in Giershagen

Tour destination point:

Niedermühle parking lot in Padberg and Grube Reinhard parking lot in Giershagen


  • Round trip
  • family-friendly

Additional Information

Tourism Marsberg

Diemelsee Nature Park




4.8 km


1:25 Std.

Elevation ascent

84 m

Elevation descent

84 m

Altitude (Minimum)

285 m

Altitude (Maximum)

350 m





In bionics, principles from nature are transferred to technology. Nature is home to many amazing phenomena - researchers have learned a lot from it when it comes to solving challenges in everyday situations.

Lotus effect
The lotus effect is named after the lotus plant. The nub-like structured leaves allow dirt and liquid to roll off perfectly. You can see the difference at the lotus leaf station thanks to the nano-coating.

Velcro fasteners are familiar to everyone today. At this station, the principle can be easily imitated and real burrs grow nearby.

Flying seeds
At the "flying seeds" station, you can see how many plants are carried by the wind or gently drop to the ground as "winged fliers".

The auricles of humans and many animals act like funnels that collect sound. You can try this out at the "Hearing" station.

Airplane wings or propeller blades are modeled on bird wings. At the "Wings" station, you can drive a propeller with a crank and "make wind" with it. The wind can cause wings to take off.

Faceted eyes
With their compound eyes, some insects can perceive fast movements particularly well and survey a large area. At this station, you can see the world like insects.

Chickens have different feet to ducks because they mostly move in water. At the "flippers" station, you can test how differently chicken feet and duck flippers react to passing water.

Another station will be set up at the "Niedermühle" parking lot later this year.

The Bionik-Pfad and the stations should also be an enjoyable experience for visitors with disabilities. The route from the "Niedermühle" parking lot to the "Grube Reinhard" parking lot is particularly suitable for people with walking disabilities.

The audio guide at each station is a special offer, also as an aid for visually impaired or blind visitors, and the trail is ideal for schools and groups as an extracurricular place of learning.



The Bionics Trail Marsberg runs along the local hiking trail Padberg 2 (P2) .The section from the Niedermühle parking lot to the Grube Reinhard parking lot is particularly suitable for people with walking disabilities or families with children. There is also an alternative route with a slight incline on an intermediate section.

Safty guidelines

Please follow the local instructions for the protection of nature.Please do not walk off the paths.Please do not make any noise.Please do not collect stones or minerals.Please do not pick mushrooms.Please do not leave any garbage lying around.Please do not feed animals.Please only camp in the marked areas.Please do not make an open fire.Please do not pick any plants.Please do not remove any plants or animals.Please do not let dogs run free.Please do not fly kites or model airplanes.

Public transiot

By car, bike or on foot

Getting there

Hikers' parking lot Niedermühle: L 716 Marsberg-Padberg in the direction of Diemelsee-Adorf, at the end of Padberg turn left to NiedermühleHikers' parking lot Grube ReinhardL870 Marsberg-Giershagen direction B 7, after leaving Giershagen approx. 1 km left to Meilerplatz


Hiking parking lots at the indicated starting points