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The small Valentinskapelle is located directly on the banks of the Biggetal dam.

Valentinskapelle am Olper Obersee

Olper Obersee




57462 Olpe



It used to belong to the village of Ronnewinkel, which disappeared when the Biggetal dam was dammed in 1965. The first chapel was built on this site in 1725. A new building was erected in 1849/50, which came very close to the chapel's current appearance. Over time, the chapel fell into disrepair until 1975, when it was rebuilt by a citizens' initiative founded for this purpose.
Since then, this citizens' initiative has ensured the preservation of the chapel and celebrates mass in the chapel every year on St. Valentine's Day. There are also contacts with a parish whose patron saint is St. Valentine. For many years, reciprocal visits have taken place every year.
The chapel building is simple and unadorned. Its floor plan is hexagonal, with the south end forming a kind of angular niche, while the other three sides are at right angles to each other. The small altar is also located at the south end. The entrance is on the north side and a small tower, a so-called ridge turret, rises above it on the roof ridge, in which a small bell hangs. The bell can be rung using a pulley.

The chapel houses a picture of St. Valentine, an older metal statue of the Virgin Mary and a relic of St. Valentine.
The Valentinskapelle can be found on the western shore of the Obersee, below the Kreuzberg. It can be reached on foot from the leisure pool via the lakeside path.

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