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Sailing school in Sundern!





Segelmitmir - Sailing charter Sorpesee

Am Sorpesee 193a

59846 Sundern

Telefon: 0171/7474275 (Matthias Liebsche



Sailpoint am Sorpesee is located within sight of the Nordic Ferienpark Sorpesee.
Matthias Liebscher and his wife Annette offer you the perfect support for your sailing adventure.

The following activities are offered by Sailpoint:

  • Sailing taster lesson
    • Get to know sailing with an experienced skipper
  • Refresher courses
    • Have you been out for a while and want to get back into sailing? Theory and practice are brought up to date as required. Safe handling of the sailing yacht is taught
  • Personal training
    • Would you like to take sailing lessons with an experienced skipper? And be independent in terms of time? In addition to the courses, Sailpoint also offers individual training
  • Basic sailing course
    • Purely practical sailing course, in which the necessary theoretical knowledge is discussed in passing, thus teaching the basics of modern yacht sailing. The focus here is on having fun with the tiller and sails and quickly developing your own skills. Learning to sail without a license and exam stress
  • Accompanying sailing newbies on their first sailing adventures
  • Sailboat charter
    • Good selection of sailing boats, hourly and daily charter possible
  • Skipper training
    • Have you bought a new sailing yacht and would like to complete training specifically for this boat? We are here for you!

Main opening times:

Day From Until
Sunday 10:00 16:00
Tuesday 17:00 20:00
Wednesday 17:00 20:00
Thursday 17:00 20:00
Friday 16:00 20:00
Saturday 09:00 17:00