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Restaurant Seeterrassen


Restaurant Cafe Seeterrassen

Strandweg 1

57462 Olpe

Telefon: +49 2761 61452



Our house has various rooms for up to 190 people. The terrace with lake view offers 65 guests a place to enjoy and relax. Guests who are dependent on a wheelchair can use a disabled toilet in the house as well as a ramp at the main entrance.

The central landing stage of the Biggesee passenger boat service and large parking spaces for cars and buses are located in the immediate vicinity.

We recommend ourselves with a good and efficient kitchen

♦ We bake fresh, delicious waffles and cakes for youevery day

♦ Facilitiesfor the disabled

Child-friendliness is one of our features (children's menu, painting and toys, high chair and changing table)

Senior citizens, A WARM WELCOME, varied range of dishes for senior citizens

♦ We are happy to organizeyour celebration

The place "Sondern" is the balcony place at the Biggesee

Various rooms offer space for up to 190 people

Our terrace with direct lake view, for 65 people

Central location, the passenger boat landing stage is in the immediate vicinity

Opening hours at

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