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in the Olpe leisure pool with beautiful outdoor area

Freizeitbad Olpe



Olpe leisure pool

Seeweg 5

57462 Olpe

Telefon: 02761-93850

Fax: 02761-938533




Bubbling water in the witches' cauldron and a brine adventure pool are just some of the attractions at the Olpe leisure pool. Bubble loungers, massage jets and neck showers provide bathing fun in the adventure pool, while in the hyperthermal pool you can close your eyes and enjoy the 36 degree water temperature. The tough ones, or those who want to become tough, bravely step through the Kneipp path immediately afterwards. In between, there is always the winding giant slide to go down. Those who reach a high operating temperature in one of the seven saunas can cool down again in the plunge pool in the sauna garden.

Indoor pool, diving facility, hot whirl pool, steam grotto, splash shower, solar meadow, giant slide (85 m), various pools for swimmers, non-swimmers and children, brine adventure pool, Kneipp treading pool, bathing bar, Finnish-style sauna area.

Further information on opening times and prices can be found at http://freizeitbad-olpe.de/informationen-und-service/#preise.

The opening times below refer to the indoor area. The outdoor pool area is open depending on the weather.