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Sights line up like small windows of time. They can be discovered on a historical tour through Obermarsberg: St. Nicholas Church, Stiftskirche, Benediktusbogen, Roland statue, Buttenturm, pillory and much more invite you on a journey of discovery.

Pranger Obermarsberg


Old town hall with pillory Obermarsberg

Münzsstraße 3

34431 Marsberg

Telefon: 02992-8200



Old town hall

In 1377, Obermarsberg's old town hall was first mentioned in a document at its current location. It is probably much older. It was largely destroyed during the Thirty Years' War - the council archives were destroyed. The part of the Old Town Hall still standing today was rebuilt in 1650 and used as a court house until 1827. It then served as a residential building. The building has been privately owned since 1922.

Stake of shame

The pillory or pillory post is located on the town's former town hall. It is a symbol of the jurisdiction exercised by the town for centuries. During the last punishment between 1806 and 1808, a man caught stealing a side of bacon was put on the pillory for two hours and subjected to ridicule and attacks from the population.

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