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Oesdorf is located in the north of Marsberg on the Dahlbach stream, which has cut deep into the mountain. The village was first mentioned in documents in 1170.

Ortsansicht Oesdorf

Kath. Kirche St. Johannes Baptist Oesdorf


Ortswappen Oesdorf

Mariengrotte Oesdorf


Oesdorf - district of Marsberg

Bäckerstraße 8

34431 Marsberg

Telefon: 02992-8200




The crown on the town's coat of arms is taken from the figure in the Catholic parish church of St. John the Baptist, which represents the Virgin Mary. The bell is attributed to an old tradition, according to which a bell hung in a lime tree in the cemetery, which was rung at funerals. The ear of corn is a reminder of the fertile Sintfeld. In 1923, a "Mother of God Grotto" was built on the model of the Lourdes Grotto at the Waschhof.

In addition to the Eggeweg and the Sintfeld-Höhenweg, other local hiking trails invite you to explore the scenic landscape.

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