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The village of Leitmar has an ancient water name, as the place name "Letmere" was formed from the Germanic root word "mari" (for spring, swamp, standing water). Leitmar was first mentioned as "villa Letmere" around 1120 as a gift from a nobleman Bernhard to the Benedictine abbey of Helmarshausen (district of Kassel).

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Ortswappen Leitmar

Kath. Kirche St. Sturmius Leitmar

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Leitmar - district of Marsberg

Bäckerstraße 8

34431 Marsberg

Telefon: 02992- 8200




The town's coat of arms, with its depiction of the Electorate of Cologne's cross, is a reminder of its long affiliation to the Electorate of Cologne. The ear of corn refers to the importance of agriculture and the Hamm and mallet to the ore deposits in the area. St. Sturmius is the patron saint of the Catholic parish.
The town is located on the edge of the Diemelsee Nature Park.
The local community life is shaped and shaped by local associations. The Leitmar folk dance group is unique in the town. Founded in 1984, it is known far beyond the town's borders.

Leitmar is home to a shooting range belonging to the Association of Military and Police Marksmen with a shooting cinema.

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