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Spa park in Sundern!






Kurpark Langscheid and ParKur am Sorpesee

Hakenbrinkweg 19

59846 Sundern

Telefon: 029 35/ 96 99 015




Langscheid has the distinction of being a climatic health resort. Here at Sorpesee, you can not only go on vacation and do all kinds of sports, but also breathe freely thanks to the excellent climate. Smog and particulate matter levels are much lower here than in many large cities in the neighboring Ruhr region.

The spa park in Langscheid is located above the Sorpesee. You enter the spa park from the lake next to the Hotel Seegarten or from above via the Hakenbrinkweg. The view of the lake from here is wonderful.

In May 2018, a "multi-generational trail" was created in the Kurpark am Sorpesee.

This is a project funded by the European Union, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and Sorpesee GmbH.

The project was proposed to the Leader committee in the Sorpesee citizens' region and the measure was implemented shortly afterwards. Based on a sports science concept, various exercise elements were installed in the Langscheid spa park. The implementation of the concept was unanimously approved by the members of the LAG meeting. For the chairman of the committee, Klaus-Peter Sasse, "this is a project that fits in perfectly with the Sorpesee civic region".

You should see this for yourself. You can also reach the Haus des Gastes with its swimming pool and tourist information office on foot via the Kurpark.

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