The resting place of the sun - as Inti-Huatana is translated - created by Peruvian artist Antonio Maro, can be admired in the Meinerzhagen town hall. The work in oil is impressive with its dimensions of 18 by 6 meters.

Das Saal der Stadthalle mit dem Kunstwerk im Hinte

Das Gemälde



An der Stadthalle 1

58540 Meinerzhagen

Telefon: 02358/77144



The theme of the painting, which Maro created with the help of his son, is the sun: while it dominates life in his homeland as an imperious power that burns the land, in our climes it acts as a warming, life-giving element. Antonio Maro on his work: " Yes, that's how I wanted it. And I wanted to capture the intensity of its rays in this rectangular form above it. The fact that this shielded sunlight still shimmers a little through the surface and the haze above the veiled sun rises slightly - a sign of its warmth, so to speak - creates... a resting place for the sun, so to speak.

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