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The path through the city park 'Lohmühle', then left a few meters on Benolpe Straße and then immediately left into the street "In der Trift". There you simply have to walk straight ahead to see the signposted path to Hünkesohl. At the destination it says: 'In silent forest solitude, greetings to Mary'. The Hünkesohl forest chapel is also within easy walking distance for older people.


Theresia Berg


Hünkesohl forest chapel

57489 Drolshagen


The Marienkapelle Hünkesohl, far away from the traffic and noise of the road, romantically situated in the forest, is a popular place of pilgrimage and prayer. It owes its existence to a humble, simple woman: Theresia Berg (1861-1929), who has since become a legend. It is said that a gust of wind blew a crumpled picture of the Virgin Mary to her one day while she was out herding or fetching wood, which she pinned to a tree with her hairpin so that she could pray here from then on and always bring back fresh flowers that she picked along the way. As the paper picture fell apart, she replaced it with a simple statue of the Virgin Mary. This happened in the years before the First World War.

The Hünkesohl forest chapel is a popular place of pilgrimage in Drolshagen and is always well maintained.


Near the Lohmühle town park

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