Himmelreich Cave Restaurant & Café


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Himmelreich Cave Restaurant & Café

Finnentroper Straße 39

57425 Attendorn

Welcome to the Himmelreich

Whether you are an individual visitor to the Atta-Höhle or a large or small group, the restaurant / café "Himmelreich" offers comfort and hospitality in a pleasant atmosphere in its various rooms.

For festivities such as weddings, family celebrations, company parties or the atmospheric end to the day, the efficient cuisine offers the appropriate culinary setting.

We want you to feel at home with us and look forward to your visit.

Atta - Cheese

The Atta-Höhle cave is not only unique because of its stalactite formations. A particularly tasty cheese also matures in the cave. It is the tranquillity and the climate that give the Atta cheese its special aroma.

The cheese matures for almost 3 months at a constant 95% humidity in the cave passages of Attendorn. Conditions that cannot be created artificially. 300 to 400 wheels of cheese are stored in the cave. They are washed with salt water once a week.

Enjoy the spicy, delicate taste of Atta cheese. You can buy it in selected specialist stores and, of course, directly from us at the Atta-Höhle.