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Colorful hang gliders and paragliders were rarely seen in the skies of Marsberg. In January 2014, the beautifully situated paragliding and hang gliding site in Obermarsberg was put back into operation by Airwalker e.V. Brilon.



Gleitschirmflieger über Marsberg


Hang gliding and paragliding Obermarsberg

Germaniastraße 12

59929 Marsberg

Telefon: 02961 966260

Fax: 02961 966269




Airwalker e.V. was founded in March 2012 with the aim of promoting the sport of paragliding in the region. The main focus of the association's work includes increasing the flying safety of each individual pilot through training and further education, but also the development and operation of new flying sites - including for guest pilots! Most of the club members come from the region (Brilon, Willingen, Marsberg) and from a radius of over a hundred kilometers.

All relevant information can be found on the Airwalker website.

Only instructed pilots with appropriate flying experience are permitted to fly. Instruction is given by the board or by persons authorized by the board.

Guest pilots can find out more about the regulations for guest pilots at: www.airwalker.de/gast

Important note
In the landing area of the Obermarsberg flying site there is a fenced-in area where beehives have been set up. The owner of the bees points out that there is an absolute danger to life when landing in the fenced area if the bees feel threatened.
For safety reasons, a distance of 50 m must be maintained. The danger zone is marked accordingly on the revised site map.
Please ensure that you land in a sensible manner.

Area supervisor
Jan-Philip Mertin
Phone: 0151-27031605

Air traffic control officer:
Stefan Jonassohn
Phone: 0170-3408862

Main opening times:

Sunday opened
Monday opened
Tuesday opened
Wednesday opened
Thursday opened
Friday opened
Saturday opened


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