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Fishing school Bachfloh

Franz-Menke-Str. 1

57462 Olpe

Telefon: 02761-825614 / Mobil: 0172-5779

Fax: 02761-825615



The Bachfloh fishing school has set itself the task of teaching beginners how to fish in harmony with nature and to accompany them on their way to the NRW fishing examination.

For us, being in harmony with nature means fishing in a way that is humane, i.e. animal-friendly and sustainable, while taking natural resources into account. To this end, we use our own textbook tailored to the NRW examination and original examination equipment.

In a relaxed atmosphere, you will learn how to compile the examination tasks using practical exercises and thus gain the necessary routine to pass the examination before the Lower Fisheries Authority.

Various lecturers will teach you about life around and in the water and the biological interrelationships in a varied way, far beyond the actual examination material.

Due to legal regulations, practical exercises on the water are unfortunately not possible. However, this can be made up for in further courses after passing the exam.

Main opening times:

We are open all day everyday.


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