E-bike battery charging stations

eBike battery charging station

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E-bike battery charging stations in Sundern!




E-bike battery charging stations

Rathausplatz 7

59846 Sundern

Telefon: 02933/979590

Fax: 02933/9795915




Haus des Gastes in Langscheid

Hakenbringweg 19
59846 Sundern-Langscheid
Tel. 029 35/ 96 99 015
Email info@sorpesee.de

Miles away in Langscheid

Am Sorpesee 195
59846 Sundern-Langscheid
Tel. 029 35/ 96 61 985
Email info@meilenweit-sorpesee.de

Hotel Seegarten Langscheid

To the Sorpedamm 21
59846 Sundern Langscheid
Tel. 02935/96460

Umbrella bar Sorpedamm

Zum Sorpedamm
59846 Sundern-Langscheid
Tel.: 02935/372713

Cafe Airnah

Amecker Damm 2
59846 Sundern-Amecke

Home port Grote

Seestraße 5
59846 Sundern-Amecke
Tel. 02393/2407276

Country inn Steinberg in Wildewiese

Wildewiese 1
59846 Sundern-Wildewiese
Tel. 023 95/ 754
Email info@steinbergs-wildewiese.de

Cora's Café in Stockum

To the port 5
59846 Sundern-Stockum
Tel. 029 33/ 36 37

Camping site "Zur schönen Aussicht

Am Amecker Damm 2
59846 Sundern-Amecke
Tel. 023 93/ 456

Pizzeria Sorpehaus

Tiefenhagener Str.31
59846 Sundern-Tiefenhage
Tel. 02935 / 2396

In addition, there are 4 e-bike charging cabinets at the Sorpesee: Three of these charging cabinets are located in the entrance area of the campsites 2, 3, 4, another one in front of the Haus des Gastes in Langscheid, in the "Hakenbrinkweg". The cabinets each have four spacious compartments in which you can safely store your battery, helmet and other things. It is even possible to charge your cell phone in the locker. To use it, you need a 1€ coin as a deposit.

Main opening times:

Sunday opened
Monday opened
Tuesday opened
Wednesday opened
Thursday opened
Friday opened
Saturday opened


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