E-bike battery charging station Bike-Pension Baumhoff

eBike battery charging station

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Freely accessible Bosch charging station!

For house guests we offer 10 current MTB e-bikes for hire.

Astrid und Jürgen Baumhoff


E-bike battery charging station Bike-Pension Baumhoff


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In the land of a thousand mountains, we have opened up a bike arena for you that is second to none. From the after-work round to the marathon round, everything is included.

With the certificates bett + bike Sport and Bike Arena SAUERLAND Komfort Bike Betrieb, we attach great importance to ensuring that you feel comfortable in our pension as a sportsman and can indulge in your hobby. Whether you book one of our packages or just spend a day here with us.

  • As a trained bike guide, I know the places that make bikers' hearts beat faster and through years of experience we have linked these places to the perfect trails.
  • Over twenty years of cycling with racing bikes and mountain bikes have given us a wealth of experience that we would like to pass on to you.
  • Due to the easy-to-regulate intensity, mountain biking and road biking are particularly suitable for beginners and amateur athletes.
  • Endurance sports have enjoyed great popularity for years because they have many positive properties.
  • Regular endurance training improves the performance of your muscles and increases your fitness.
  • The trade press Mountian BIKE, bike or Roadbike have also been convinced several times of how beautiful and varied the routes and trails are here in the Sauerland.
  • Pedelecs (electric bikes) are the ideal touring bikes for senior citizens or cyclists who like the gentle support of an electric motor.

One of the most popular tours in the region is the Gevore-Tour. Not easy, but simply a varied tour!


Use of the Bike Arena routes is at your own risk!

The biker, cyclist and racing cyclist has to bear the usual risks associated with the use of forest and cycle paths, especially on downhill routes and with regard to the typical natural dangers, and in this respect also moves on our signposted tours at his own risk!

Usual risks include all natural dangers, such as: Normal depressions, unevenness, softened ground, ruts caused by forestry and agricultural vehicles, impairment due to foliage, slippery snow and other weather-related hazardous situations.

Forestry vehicles are also to be expected in the forests!

We recommend that you always wear a helmet when using our tours. Helmets are always compulsory on guided tours!

What more could a biker's heart want!

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