Buttenturm Obermarsberg

Observation tower

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Remains of the old town wall can still be seen in Obermarsberg today, including the water tower and the Buttenturm. There were a total of seven fortress towers along the town wall. Other watchtowers outside the town, from which the surrounding area could be easily surveyed, were the Donnersberger Warte (also known as the Mäuseturm) and the Priesterberger Warte on the mountain of the same name.

Buttenturm Obermarsberg


Blick auf den Buttenturm




Only half the height of the Buttenturm (outer tower) on the north side of the mountain remains today. It has a floor plan of 6.2 meters square with 1.5 meter thick quarry stone walls and two vaulted storeys above a 5 meter deep cellar, which was once used as a prison. The Buttenturm offers an ideal view over the Diemeltal. In the past, it was used to watch horsemen passing through and to shoot at them in the event of an attack.

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