Bungee jumping / fun sports

The "Boulodrome" in the Seepark invites young and old to play boulodrome with its unique lake view.




Hauptstraße 19

59519 Möhnesee

Telefon: 02924 981 -391 oder -392

Framed by a stone edge and with a water-bound surface, the "Boulodrome" in the Seepark in Körbecke promises fun and games for young and old. The court can be played on at any time with your own balls. In the near future, a rental shop and a range of courses will also be set up.

The aim of "boules", which is widespread in France and southern Europe, is to get as close as possible to a small ball with larger steel balls and knock the opponent's balls aside. The new "Boulodrome" has its very own charm and invites you to play a game of boules with a unique view of the lake, especially in good weather.


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