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Currently closed (summer 2023)!

Blobbing is the biggest thrill you can have on and above the water. It's easy to explain how it works: a blob, a giant rubber tube filled with air, floats in the water. The "blobber" sits on one end of the blob. The "jumper" jumps from a diving platform onto the other end of the blob, catapulting the "blobber" several meters into the air.

Blob Blase

Blob Base


Blob Base Biggesee

Am Sonderner Kopf 3

57462 Olpe

Telefon: 02761 944111



Adrenaline, action, team spirit

More and more "blobbers" discovered the water catapult for themselves. As a result, the level of the jumps quickly rose to a level that is otherwise only known from artistic jumping. This is possible because the jumps can also be controlled by experienced blobbers. There is already an objective and competitive judging system.
Top Jumps

The best jumpers on the international scene, including world record holders, world champions, etc., performed spectacular jumps at the opening of the Blob Base.

Main opening times:

We are open all day everyday.


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